Triple Gang Disc Mowers
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Mowers KUHN’s range of mowers offers exemplary mowing quality, optimised weight reduction and the use of cutting bars that have been perfected down to the smallest details. It is possible to increase working speeds and efficiency by using a combination of rear-mounted and front-mounted machines. KUHN’s oval shaped cutting discs provide enhanced fodder evacuation for clean, even mowing.

Product features

Working width (feet) -
Cutterbars OPTIDISC
Working width (m) - In combination with front mount unit (depending on the selected overlap) 9.53 - 9.93
Number of discs with protecting skids 2 x 8 (heat treated)
Knife attachment FAST-FIT quick knife attachment
Modular disc bearing stations removable from the outside Standard
Swath width (m) 2 x 2.80 on average
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Ground pressure LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
Setting to transport position Hydraulic vertical folding
Transport width (m) 3.35
Drive train protection PROTECTADRIVE system
Weight (kg) 2350
Ground adaptation Pendulum type articulation
Minimum PTO power requirement approx. (kW) for the triple combination 104
Minimum PTO power requirement approx. (hp) for the triple combination 141
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