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Multifunctional ride-on machine for the maintenance of artificial turf The SportChamp, the leading machine in the world market, is the solution for the maintenance of different synthetic sport surfaces within a sports facility. By the use of different attachments all synthetic sport surfaces can be cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions and beyond that for an efficient and economic upkeep of the surface. During weekly use, the SportChamp levels the infill material of filled surfaces with the rotary brush and eliminates contamination at the same time. Thus the infill material will be loosened and the fibre will be put upright again. Fibres lying loosely on the turf and even well-rehearsed fine dirt will be vacuumed in a large-volume filter box during the surface maintenance by the proven extraction system. The filter unit is controlled automatically and cleaned within minutes. It will be evacuated - controlled hydraulically - quite conveniently while sitting on the driver seat. Numerous attachments facilitate and expedite the necessary maintenance tasks. The range includes attachments for the winter services and the refilling of infill material, for the removal of leaves, the loosening of extreme compaction and the spraying of care products. The application area of the SportChamp is enlarged by additional attachments for non-infilled artificial turf, synthetic sports surfaces or sidewalks. Thereby it is the multifunctional care and maintenance machine for your sports facility. Beside the classic, weekly maintenance tasks the SMG SportChamp can additionally carry out the annual basic and deep cleaning. Removable attachments Rotating brush 1.000 mm Art.-No. 6400029 Rotating brush 1.500 mm Art.-No. 6400017 Rotating brush 1.100 mm Art.-No. 6211213 Opposed brush Art.-No. 6400177 Decompacting brush Art.-No. 6400132 Rigid brush - Front-mount attachment Art.-No. 6400093 Sweeping brush Art.-No. 6400027 Decompacting- / Levelling device - Rear-mount attachment Art.-No. 6400080 Spreading device 800 mm Art.-No. 6400133 Spreading device 1400 mm Art.-No. 6400167 Snow blower device Art.-No. 6400012 Snow plough Art.-No. 6400039 Vacuum hose device Art.-No. 6400125 Foliage vacuum device Art.-No. 6400112 Spray device Art.-No. 6400025 Magnet bar for artificial turf maintenance Art.-No. 6220297 TurfCare TCA1400 Art.-No.: 6400160 TurfScout TS1400 Art.-No.: 6220075 TurfTuner TT1600 Art.-No.: 6215153

Product features

Drive SC2BL: 2-cylinder petrol engine, air-cooled, 22 PS
Traction drive hydrostatic, driving Speed up to 10 km/h, hydraulic lifting device for accessory attachments and fil
Capacity of tank approx. 30 litre
Brush working width according to brush: 900 - 1.600 mm
Weight starting at approx. 680 kg
Dimensions L 2.800 x B 1.320 x H 1.283 mm

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