Turf Maintenance


Machine for the cleaning of indoor tennis court surfaces with rubber granules CarpetWonder is a multi-functional machine for cleaning, picking up granulate from around the playing area, ball abrasion and other dirt particles, such as small stones, and for returning the exact quantity of granulate back to the carpet. This is all done by this special machine in one process. With its e ective brush roller and an enormous working width, despite its compactness, the CarpetWonder is very easy to move and turn and therefore, far superior to other cleaning machines. The silent operation allows tennis teams on the neighbouring court concentrate on their match without being disturbed. Details Working width of the brush 900 mm The quantity of granules strewn can be accurately controlled by the adjustable speed of the vibrating screen The cleaned granulate is returned to the carpet by the vibrating screen

Product features

Drive AC-current engine 1.5 kW (2 HP) with safety switch
Area performance approx. 600 m²/h
Filter Permanent fi lter approx. 10 m²
Weight 120 kg
Dimensions L 1.180 x B 900 x H 900 mm

Additional product literature

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