Turf Reclamation


Tow-behind machine for the removal of artificial turf. Working width 5.000 mm Tow-behind TurfMuncher TM5000 winds artificial turf into 5-meter compact rolls and works out the infilling material. The machine is driven by a closed hydraulic system with an output of 29.8 kW and 70 litres/min, strong enough even for the heaviest artificial turf systems. Easily accessible speed controls enable the operator to adjust the speed of the machine to compensate for all types of turf systems and conditions. The weight of the machine is supported by 16 air-filled, low-pressure tires. That way, the machine, when filled, conforms to the permitted ground pressure for the foundation. The 16 wheels can be rotated by 120°, and thanks to that the machine can be easily transported and loaded. The infill material can be carried via the conveyor with the height of 2.400 mm directly into BigBags or wheel loaders. When the desired amount of turf is rolled up, maximum diameter 900 mm, the roll is cut and dropped and a new roll is started. The rolls of turf can then be easily transported for recycling or other purposes. The TurfMuncher TM5000 allows an experienced crew to roll up to 2.500 m² of artificial turf per day and to place the infill material, for instance, into BigBags. Extremely high material output up to 900 kg/min but ultimately depends on the material logistics. Details Winding/unwinding unit Conveyor with discharge height of 2.4 m

Product features

Drive 12-cylinder Kohler petrol engine 29.8 kW (40 HP)
Working width 5 m
Max. removal rate 5 m/min; 900 kg/min 2.500 m²/day of rolled artificial turf
Max. roll diameter 900 mm
Machine weight when empty 6.300 kg
Recommended tow tractor requirements 18.5 kW (25 HP) hydrostatic transmission

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