Turkey Cordon Bleu
Tender cuts of finely chopped turkey meat in halal quality from Germany  - HÖHENRAINER DELIKATESSEN GMBH

3.78€ HT


Tender cuts of finely chopped turkey meat, thinly bread crumbed and fried crispy, filled with a piquant turkey ham and tenderly melting cheese. (frozen) Averg. nutrition information per 100g: Energy (KJ, Calories): 954 (228) Fat: 13,0 g Protein: 14,5 g Carbohydr.: 13,0 g Additional information: Minium durability: 360 days (frozen) Weight per piece: ca. 0,150kg (20 pieces per package) Cardboard Contents: 2 x 3,0 kg

Meats, cooked and cured
  • Turkey Cordon Bleu
  • Cordon Bleu
  • escalope

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Turkey Cordon Bleu
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