VERTIC® Platform Lifts
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With our VERTIC ® platform lifts we provide various possibilities to make buildings barrier-free accessible across several floors. When designing we have paid special attention to the adjustment of this home lift to your individual needs, whether indoors or outdoors. The VERTIC ® and VERTIC ® Plus enable you to create a safe, barrier-free solution inside your building. With its generously-sized areas of glass and attractive shaft, our platform elevators blend optimally into any residential environment. If for any reason space in an indoor installation is not possible, the VERTIC ® Outdoor enables you to install a lift outside of the building. Overview of VERTIC ® platform lifts: VERTIC ® VERTIC ® Plus VERTIC ®Outdoor Max. lifting height (m) 13 14,5 13 Max. capacity (kg) 1.000 400 400/500 Max. floors 6 6 6 Indoor Outdoor For public buildings For residential houses Power supply (230 V /AC) Enclosed cabin = applicable; = not applicable

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