White real waxLED candle Linda structured 10 cm  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 1522547 Features LED technology Light bulbs included White LED candle Linda with a structured wax corpus and timer function, battery-operated The light of the LED shimmers softly through the wax of the LED candle Linda and enriches the surroundings with a pleasant brightness. A safe alternative to real candle flames, which can be deployed without hesitation in any room. It can be deployed as decoration during the Christmas season as well as accent illumination for festive occasions throughout the year. Regardless of whether just one or several candles are in place, either way, they emanate a flair of comfort which is very catching. The light duration can be adjusted via the integrated timer, e.g., 8 hours switched on and 16 hours switched off. The batteries are not included but can be ordered via Accessories. - with flickering effect - battery-operated Christmas item for indoor use

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