Xalu wall lamp,antique silver finish, switch  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722275 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Made in Germany Warm white shining Xalu wall lamp with high-quality Citizen LEDs and switch The antique-looking silver finish is not the only thing that makes Xalu an eye-catcher. Its shape and design come across as very stylish as a whole. As an example, it should be mentioned that the front metal facing is slightly curved and is located closer to the wall in the upper part. This at least applies to its starting position, since Xalu is extraordinarily flexible, even if it would not seem so at first sight. The lampshade, which is equipped with two warm white Citizen LEDs on the rear, can notably be tilted forward, giving it a greater gap between it and the wall behind it. However, we are not talking about a one-sided movement, since the lamp - and this would not have been obvious at all - can also be moved towards the side, as the element connecting the wall bracket and lampshade is a joint. The lampshade can be...

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