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The basic activity of PCO S.A. is production and sale of optoelectronic solutions, observation and aiming devices with the use of laser, night vision and thermovision techniques for the army. PCO... Supplier of: Optical instruments | night vision | thermovision | thermovision cameras | laser measuring equipment [+] soldier of the future | night viewers | viewers
Warszawa - POLAND
PCE Instruments offers the most extensive and detailed range of precision measuring instruments. In our catalog we provide about 500 different types and models of high quality measuring equipment and... Supplier of: Scientific equipment and instruments | laser measuring equipment | precision scales
Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM
Supplier of: Office machines and equipment | Stationery - school | laser measuring equipment | direction finders for topography | pens
Supplier of: Precision measuring instruments | laser measuring equipment | hand woodworking tools
Gui Lin - CHINA
LIMAB are a specialist in-process dimensional measurement company providing a range of non-contact laser measuring systems and sensors for industrial applications. Our products and services help our... Supplier of: Precision measuring instruments | laser measuring equipment | laser distance sensors
MECANUMERIC SA specialises in the design and manufacture of cutting equipment and machinery, numerical control engraving and thermoforming machinery under the MECANUMERIC, MECAMATIC, NORMAPROFIL and... Supplier of: Industrial cutting machine tools | Folding machine tools | Machine tools, cutting - parts and accessories | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | Laser - cutting and welding machines [+] Paper cutting - machinery and equipment | Thermoforming, plastics - machinery | numerical control cutting machinery | numerical control engraving machinery | numerical control thermoforming machinery | numerical control mill cutting machinery | numerical control laser cutting machinery | numerical control water jet cutting machinery | numerical control ultrasound cutting machinery | numerical control knife cutting machinery
Albi Cedex 9 - FRANCE
C.S.O., set up in 1992, has over 7,000 m2 of premises where it conducts research, design and manufacture of ophthalmologic instruments. Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Optical instruments | endothelial microscopes | tonometers | pupillometers [+] optical devices | videomicroscopes | ocular electrophysiology | eye chart projectors | eye charts | microscopes | refraction units | slit lamps | corneal topographics | ophthalmometers
Badia A Settimo-Scandicci - ITALY
TECFLUID, specialising in the manufacture of instrumentation for fluids, began its activity in 1974 manufacturing industrial measurement and control instruments. TECFLUID designs and manufactures... Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | Flow meters | Precision measuring instruments | fluid measuring equipment | output controllers [+] liquid level measurement | solid level measurement | all fluids level controller | level switch | level transmitter | rotameter | ultrasonic flow meter | turbine flow meter | radar level measurement | ultrasound level measurement
St Ouen L'aumöne - FRANCE


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EUROTEK specializes in Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine maintenance, calibration and retrofitting. It is currently the one and only company in France accredited by COFRAC for MMT calibration. We... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Precision measuring instruments | three-dimensional metrology | 3d measuring | 3d controls [+] 3d machine | mmt calibration | mmt calibration | cofrac mmt calibration | second-hand mmt | measuring arm | poly-articulated arm | mmt retrofit | 3d control software | mmt software

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Soisy Sous Montmorency - FRANCE
CMI is the executive body of the state administration in the area of certification, calibration, validation and metrology in the Czech Republic. Czech Metrology Institute ensures consistency and... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | measuring and control equipment | installation | testing laboratories | calibration and certification testing [+] certification of quality systems | certification of quality products | certification of quality persons | verification of measuring instruments | research and development in metrology | consulting in metrology | certification of products | calibration | metrological research | fundamental metrology
Laboratorio Ottico Fiorentino is a company specialising in the production of single optical equipment of various types and dimensions, as well as to order or to customer specifications. We use... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | optical dispersers | optical components for signalling | fresnel lenses | mirrors [+] optical manufacturing | optical filters | laser optical instruments | optical equipment | lenses | precision optics | optical prisms | optical instruments for military use | optical mirrors | opticians' equipment
Firenze (Fi) - ITALY
Héméra RF is a distributor of measuring equipment: wideband amplifiers, TWTA, RF or hyperfrequency amplifiers, EMC and hyperfrequency measuring programs and associated services. Héméra RF... Supplier of: Electromagnetic compatibility measuring equipment | Monitoring and control equipment | Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy | Scientific equipment and instruments | Precision measuring instruments [+] emc calibration maintenance service | transmission and reception measuring antenna | emc prana installation amplifier | siepel reverberation room | prana solid state amplifier | york comb generator | siepel hyfral hyperfrequency absorbers | york harmonic flicker generator | emc electromagnetic compatibility | electromagnetic field probe
Colombes - FRANCE
Ottica Devizzi is renowned throughout the province. Its offers optical machining and magnifying lenses, for stamp collectors, lenses for spot-lighting and magnifiers for articulated lamps, standard... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Optical instruments | precision optical machining | magnifiers for articulated lamps | optical membranes [+] pocket magnifiers | optical lenses | sun glasses with optical lenses | magnifying glass | precision optics
Cornaredo - ITALY
MICROTEST designs, manufactures and develops testing equipment and systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional end-users.Our line of testing machinery concerns simple... Supplier of: Quality control and certification | measuring equipment | test machines | tribometry | control test [+] testing equipment | calibration laboratories | control instruments | quality assurance devices
A global company working in the fields of measuring technology, locating and monitoring technology, antenna construction and EMC shielding. Products include: Spectrum analysers, measuring antennas,... Supplier of: Electromagnetic compatibility measuring equipment | Radiation meters | shielding foils | electro magnetic impact | electromagnetic field meters [+] electromagnetic meters | environmental analysis services for atmospheric pollution | leak detection/location technology | shielding | metrology
Strickscheid - GERMANY
ekm Jena GbR is a company that operates in Jena's technology region. Our employees have many years' experience in the area of length and coordinate measurement technology. Our products and services... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments | Measurement equipment and instruments - position and distance | measuring equipment [+] length measuring instruments | length measurement | coordinate monitoring technology | monitoring of test equipment and precision parts | metrology
Gerdom Ingénieurs, founded in Brussels in 1926, offers custom solutions for your quality control requirements. Gerdom Ingénieurs offers instruments for measuring the mechanical properties of... Supplier of: Balancing machines and systems | strength measuring equipment | high speed camera | high speed video | fast camera [+] industrial balancer | vibration sensors | industrial stroboscope | led stroboscope | stroboscope for printers | didc hardness testers | mechanical tensile strength testing machines | compression strength testing machines | test packaging | kern scales
Bruxelles - BELGIUM
M.S.D. has developed cutting edge techniques for detecting human sight problems. In 1980 M.S.D. was the first company in Europe to manufacture trial lenses as corrective eyeglasses. Lenses... Supplier of: Optical instruments | ocular measuring equipment | trial lenses | optical technologies | precision optical instruments [+] universal tabo | retinoscopes | optical measurement tools | optical devices | orthoptics | optical projectors
Busto Arsizio - ITALY
Centre specialised in vision problems, specialised in bespoke ocular prostheses (artificial eyes). Hand painted ocular prostheses, resin ocular prostheses, cosmetic lenses, installations, devices and... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | resin ocular prostheses | ocular prostheses | cosmetic lenses | artificial eyes
Many people are bothered when they have to go out with oxygen therapy apparatus.. We give them the ability to use elegant comfortable flat glasses, traditionally made and fashionable, made by an... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Eyeglasses - frames and accessories | Eyeglass and contact lenses and accessories | canula | glasses for oxygen therapy [+] oxygen therapy | glasses
Noale - ITALY
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