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Micro-Epsilon has handled the most difficult measuring tasks involving routes, distances, positions and temperatures for 40 years. We offer the widest range of sensors, systems and testing facilities... Supplier of: laser measuring equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | colour analysers and sensors | temperature measurement instruments | instruments for measuring length, surface and volume [+] micro endoscopes | laser meters | videoscopes for industry | rev counter | infrared ray cameras
Ortenburg - GERMANY
The basic activity of PCO S.A. is production and sale of optoelectronic solutions, observation and aiming devices with the use of laser, night vision and thermovision techniques for the army. PCO... Supplier of: laser measuring equipment | Optical instruments | night viewers | viewers | night vision [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Warszawa - POLAND
LIMAB are a specialist in-process dimensional measurement company providing a range of non-contact laser measuring systems and sensors for industrial applications. Our products and services help our... Supplier of: laser measuring equipment | Precision measuring instruments | laser distance sensors [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Supplier of: laser measuring equipment | Office machines and equipment | Stationery - school | direction finders for topography | pens [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Supplier of: laser measuring equipment | Precision measuring instruments | hand woodworking tools [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Gui Lin - CHINA
...and post-warranty for the complete range of equipment’s sold in Romania. TOP Metrology offers: 3D coordinate measuring machines, portable 3D arms, 3D laser scanners, industrial microscopes, metallographic microscopes, stereomicroscopes,... Supplier of: Reamers [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Bucuresti - ROMANIA
...hiring, repairing and calibrating survey equipment for many years in Singapore since 2010. Line Surveying is first source for surveyor who's looking for survey equipment solutions in Singapore, our surveyor clients can be the individuals, businesses as well government agencies.... Supplier of: Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned | surveying instruments | 3d laser scanners | total topographic stations | gps gnss system [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Singapore - SINGAPORE
PT. Indo Survey Equipment has been selling, hiring, repairing and calibrating survey equipment for many years in Indonesia since 2005. PT. Indo Survey Equipment is first source for surveyor who's looking for survey equipment solutions in Indonesia. Our surveyor... Supplier of: Surveying equipment | total station | gps survey [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Jakarta Selatan - INDONESIA


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...data processing, security, medical electronics equipment, laser and measurement technology. Highly-skilled workforce, flexible manufacturing and competitive pricing enable us to meet customer... Supplier of: Active electronic components | electronic component assembly | electronic manufacturing service [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
...power, solar, industry, electronic, and medical equipment industries. Besides domestic market Soon technology also export its products to Europe, American and Asia-Pacific region. The main Manufacturing and measuring... Supplier of: Stamping - steels and metals | frame for printing | square stretch [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Shanghai - CHINA
...is one of our many avenues to promote this used equipment. All used equipment is certified/inspected by our service technicians prior to being sold, ensuring you get exactly what you expect. If you have used Topcon, Sokkia, Trimble, Leica,... Supplier of: Construction - Machines & Equipment | Surveying equipment | gps surveys | total topographic stations | 3d laser scanners [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Beijing Powermake-laser Technology Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer who specializes in Laser Diode, Fiber Coupled and DPSS. The company is located in Beijing and has an excellent geographical location and convenient traffic.The company... Supplier of: Light-emitting diode LED | diode | fiber coupled [+] thermovision | thermovision cameras | soldier of the future
Beijing - CHINA
TECFLUID, specialising in the manufacture of instrumentation for fluids, began its activity in 1974 manufacturing industrial measurement and control instruments. TECFLUID designs and manufactures... Supplier of: fluid measuring equipment | Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | Flow meters | Precision measuring instruments | measuring instruments [+] volumetric meters | output controllers | liquid level measurement | solid level measurement | all fluids level controller | level switch | level transmitter | rotameter | ultrasonic flow meter | turbine flow meter
St Ouen L'aumöne - FRANCE
Exintec is specialised in the manufacture and sales of electronic frequency and voltage converters for alternating current with modified since wave output. Exintec designs and manufactures bespoke... Supplier of: Ultrasonic measuring equipment | Electric transformers, converters and rectifiers | Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | ultrasound tanks | electric inductors [+] ultrasound washing | ultrasound washers | turbine cleaning | inverter | needle board for the textile industry | conversion by generator set | renewable energy sources | ultrasound degreasing | naval power supply | test-benches output 60 hz
Santa Giustina In Colle - ITALY
CMI is the executive body of the state administration in the area of certification, calibration, validation and metrology in the Czech Republic. Czech Metrology Institute ensures consistency and... Supplier of: measuring and control equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | calibration of measuring instruments | metrological laboratory | installation [+] testing laboratories | calibration and certification testing | certification of quality systems | certification of quality products | certification of quality persons | verification of measuring instruments | research and development in metrology | consulting in metrology | certification of products | calibration
The name Liedtke has stood for the development and manufacture of innovative, computer-controlled drive technology for coating, winding and special machines for over 30 years. Our team flexibly and... Supplier of: torque measuring equipment | measuring equipment for traction | Clutches | brakes | suspension tester [+] pull force meter | push force meter | automation systems | installation control systems | pressure gauges | magnetic powder brakes | belt tension measuring devices | measuring equipment for compressive forces | magnetic powder clutches | control systems for machinery
Hameln - GERMANY
The products and business areas of DoroTEK GmbH (a Solaris Group member) encompass: 1. Optical components and laser modulators: We have the complete technology to manufacture optical components,... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | customised laser working | precision optics | laser engraving | infrared target viewers [+] infra-red detectors | optical components | contract laser labelling | flat optics | laser optics
Strausberg - GERMANY
SGT is a German manufacturer of quality cases, bags and other high-quality leather products. For decades, our brand has stood for expert manufacturing of leatherware. In keeping with the fine... Supplier of: bags for measuring equipment | Suitcases | Bags | Bags, briefcases and handbags | Leather goods, pocket [+] cases for the medical sector | industrial crates | cases for measurement and testing equipment | special cases | cases and bags for medical purposes | customer-specific bags | fabric bags | leather bags | bags for technical equipment | hard shell cases
Burkhardtsdorf/ Meinersdorf - GERMANY
burster is a medium-sized company based in Baden-Württemberg. Guided by the principles of precision, quality and flexibility, over the last 50 years the company has grown into a leading supplier of... Supplier of: digital measuring equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Calibration equipment | torque sensors | metrology [+] pressure sensors | thermocouples | temperature mesurement and control | ohm meters | data loggers | machines and systems for jointing and screwdriving technology | ohm meters for contact materials | measuring instruments for pcbs | calibration service | calibration of torque gauges
Gernsbach - GERMANY
Since the company was founded in 1932, Wöhler has focused on developing and manufacturing its own "Made in Germany" products. Wöhler Messgeräte Kehrgeräte GmbH is part of the Wöhler Group. Our... Supplier of: ventilation measuring equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | indoor air quality | inspection video cameras | endoscopy [+] pressure gauges | chimney cleaning | exhaust gas measuring equipment | flue gas analysis equipment | measurement instruments | cleaning techniques | air purification | duct camera | pipe camera
Bad Wünnenberg - GERMANY
MICROTEST designs, manufactures and develops testing equipment and equipment testing systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional end-users. Our line of testing machinery... Supplier of: measuring equipment | Quality control and certification | quality assurance devices | test machines | tribometry [+] control test | testing equipment | calibration laboratories | control instruments | control software
Madrid - SPAIN
ekm Jena GbR is a company that operates in Jena's technology region. Our employees have many years' experience in the area of length and coordinate measurement technology. Our products and services... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | measuring equipment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments | Measurement equipment and instruments - position and distance [+] metrology | length measuring instruments | length measurement | coordinate monitoring technology | monitoring of test equipment and precision parts
Centre specialising in problems relating to limited vision, specialists in made-to-measure ocular prostheses (artificial eyes); hand painted eye prostheses; resin ocular prostheses; paediatric... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | own production | opticians' supplies | optical equipment | odonto-keratoprosthesis shell [+] hand-painted eye prostheses | peduncular prostheses | made-to-measure ocular prostheses | ocular prostheses | aesthetic prostheses | artificial eyes | prostheses for the loss of one eye | ocular electrophysiology | endoprosthesis shells | resin ocular prostheses
Reggio Emilia - ITALY
The experience acquired over years in business combined with the best technologies and hand-picked staff make us attentive to your needs by offering you bespoke solutions. In addition to selected... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | lenses | non-reflective lenses | contact lenses | protective lenses [+] sunglasses | vision glasses
Querceta-Seravezza - ITALY
UNITECH is a leading company in the construction of ultrasound systems applied to industrial cleaning equipment in the field of surface treatments for precision cleaning. Vast range of flange and... Supplier of: Ultrasonic measuring equipment | ultrasound washing | surface treatment systems | ultrasound equipment | plants, machinery and equipment for the plastics industry [+] ultrasound cleaning equipment | ultrasound washers | ultrasound cleaning lines for jewellers and goldsmiths
Peraga-Vigonza - ITALY
ANDALAIRC offers its customers a range of services: sales, repairs, maintenance and installation. Our own technical back-up service. Microfilter for compressed air. Leak detection. Design and... Supplier of: measuring equipment | Compressors | Compressed air tools and systems | industrial metal connectors | pipes [+] valves | industrial cooling | hydraulic cylinders
Albolote - SPAIN
Laboratorio Ottico Varesino snc is an experienced company working in the manufacturing sector of ophthalmic lenses for all uses. Thanks to our extensive experience and the use of avant-garde... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | optical lenses | sports glasses | sunglasses | optical accessories and components [+] ski goggles | contact lens manufacturing workshop | optical filters
Varese - ITALY
Opto Service has been serving the optical industry since 1994. Starting out as a one-man assembly workshop, over time Opto Service has invested and expanded to become an assembly workshop with 3... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | lenses | anti-reflective treatment | lens tinting | ophthalmic lens manufacture [+] reflective lens coating
Roma - ITALY
Since 1980, Antonio Morello, the owner of Morello Service, has offered his services repairing and servicing scientific apparatus and electronic medical equipment. The company's main services relate... Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | Precision measuring instruments | hospital and medical laboratory equipment and supplies | measuring apparatus and instruments | slide stainers [+] ophthalmic apparatus

Brands : CANON

Albignasego - ITALY
Supplier of: Optical measuring equipment | contact lenses | lenses | optical | sun glasses with optical lenses [+] ophthalmic apparatus
Torri Di Quartesolo - ITALY

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