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The company sales plastic raw material (EPS HIPS GPPS PP HDPE LDPE), buys and recycles EPS polystyrene waste (packing and scrap). Supplier of: Import-export - rubber and plastic products | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Granules for plastics | Polymers | polystyrene flakes [+] Polystyrene | Polyethylene | Foams, plastic | Foams, rubber and plastic | plastic raw material | plastic granules | plastic recycling

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Founded in 1961 with its head office in Castelfidardo, Scatolificio Mengoni is a leading supplier to markets, as well as operating throughout Italy and Europe, especially in France, Belgium and... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Boxes and trays, storage | Boxes, cardboard | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Folders, paper [+] Paper and cardboard manufacturing - machinery and equipment | wardrobe boxes | polystyrene | big boxes | container manufacturers | packaging boxes | american boxes | custom boxes | cardboard boxes | christmas boxes
Founded in 1963, Nuova Idropress builds and installs equipment and machines for EPS manufacturing, shaping and recycling. Supplier of: Polystyrene | Polymers | Plastics - industrial raw materials | manufacture of machinery for polystyrene work | particulars for plastic materials [+] technical moulding | setting solutions for ph meters | sintered styrofoam | plastic materials industry-related services and activities | injection moulding | polyacetal | plastic gear for accident protection | setting solutions for conductivity meters | custom made containers | machinery and equipment for cutting plastics
Canossa (Re) - ITALY
Cartotecnica Medac, founded in Salerno (Italy) in 1960, has extensive experience in the production and national and international marketing of paper ice cream bowls, paper beverage cups, chip cones,... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Paper - disposable tableware and articles | Cardboard - disposable tableware and articles | Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic | Plastic - disposable tableware and articles [+] coffee cup holders and heat-resistant protection strips | paper lids and disks | paper tray holders | cups for vending machines | paper sticks and ice cream bowls | polystyrene trays | chip cones | pancake holders | biodegradable and compostable ice cream bowls | paper cone liners
Salerno (sa) - ITALY
Special, thermoplastic and cross-linkable compounds that are fire-retardant and halogen-free. Special polymers for reactive processes. Elastic components resistant to wear, climate conditions,... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Plastic products for the vehicle manufacturing industry | Natural polymers | Electricity generation | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] Paraffins | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | Plastic products for the electrical industry | Sections - ferrous metal | Plastics - construction industry | Sections - non-ferrous metal | Cold rolled sections | Polyester | Structural shapes, plastic
Sala Baganza - ITALY
Abriso specialises in the extrusion of PE foam, air bubble film and extruded polystyrene. Our products are mainly used in the packaging and construction industries. Since our foundation in 1985, we... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Sound insulation materials | Thermos packaging, plastic | Fasteners - custom packaging | Thermal insulation materials [+] Cavity walls - insulating materials | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | insulation | thermal insulation | corner padding | acoustic insulation for floors | pipe insulation | packaging material | insulation panels | underlay for laminated parquet
Anzegem - BELGIUM
We specialise in collecting polystyrene expanded waste, produced by shops, businesses, crafts, industry and waste sorting centres. This waste is then compacted and palletised to be sold to the... Supplier of: Polystyrene | polystyrene collecting | polystyrene compacting | polystyrene waste | polystyrene extrusion [+] extruded granules | compounding | polystyrene profiles | polystyrene thermoforming | polystyrene injection
Violot - FRANCE
Founded in 1992, the company quickly developed thanks to its capacity to resolve problems inherent to the transport of fragile goods. The company's strengths are its rapid and punctual service and... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Publishing, miscellaneous items | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Boxes, cardboard | Plastics - packaging [+] articles produced by the paper and board industry for packing and packaging | industrial packaging | styrofoam | packaging films | styrofoam containers
Figline Valdarno (fi) - ITALY
Manufacture of full extrusion machinery and lines. Single-screw extruders up to 300 mm in diameter, counter- and co-rotating twin-screw extruders up to 200 mm in diameter. Full installations for... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Punching machines, plastic | plastic materials and resins | mixers for plastic materials | granulators [+] extruders for plastics | slabs | extruders | heat sealing machines for plastic materials | pumps for extrusion
Busto Arsizio (va) - ITALY
Litchema is a wholesaler of plastic products raw materials: Polythylene (HDPE LDPE LLPDE) Polypropylene Polystyrene (HIPS GPPS EPS) PVC. Litchema is import and export company of prime, off-rade... Supplier of: Polystyrene | Polymers | Granules for plastics | Import-export - rubber and plastic products | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] Plastics - packaging | polyethylene | polypropylene | polystyrene | pvc | hdpe | plastics | hips
Plastic raw materials. Polyethylene HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE. Polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polycarbonate, SAN, ABS. Import-export. Supplier of: Polystyrene | Granules for plastics | Polymers | Import-export - rubber and plastic products | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] Resins | polymers | plastics | polyethylene | polystyrene | polypropylene | packaging | master batches
Ramuciu K.;karmelavos Sen.; Kauno R. - LITHUANIA
STS manufactures white and coloured objects from high-density expanded polystyrene for manufacturers, the armed forces, the fishing industry, sports equipment, decoration, plumbing and advertising.... Supplier of: Polystyrene | high density expanded polystyrene | high density polystyrene | fishing net floats | polystyrene floaters [+] promotional floating key rings | polystyrene overmoulding | level detector | pse polystyrene | parts moulded from high-density polystyrene
La Flocelliere - FRANCE
AMR specializes in expanded polystyrene treatment and fashioning: including packaging, moulds, insulation systems, decors, shop window fitting, stand making. In 1994, AMR designed and developed a... Supplier of: Polystyrene | polystyrene with resin | prototypes in polystyrene | styrofoam balls | sets built
Supplier of: Polystyrene | packing articles | polyester packaging | polystyrene | styrofoam
Supplier of: Polystyrene | styrofoam containers | slabs | ground polyester beads | styrofoam strips
Supplier of: Polystyrene | Plastics - packaging | heat insulation | polystyrene foam packaging materials | polyester packaging
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