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Metal Work is an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of pneumatic components for the automation industry. We manufacture pneumatic components for automation devices, actuators, jacks,... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Pneumatic systems and tools | Pneumatic system components | Automation - systems and equipment | hydraulic cylinders [+] Connectors, pneumatic | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | Valves for pneumatic equipment | Connectors, plumbing | Industrial valves, operating equipment | compressed air interception valves | actuators with pu joints | actuators with pu joints | frl units | clamps
Concesio - ITALY
Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Cylinders, pneumatic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders [+] Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | Agricultural machines and accessories | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | Air conditioning equipment | ventilation systems for the machine shop industry | industrial refrigeration | hydraulic equipment | fixed air conditioners for industrial use | ventilation systems for the ceramics industry | industrial refrigeration
Pegognaga - ITALY
We have maintained our high quality standards and traditions since the company began in 1951. We design, manufacture and distribute worldwide our power take-offs, hydraulic pumps and accessories for... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Pumps, hydraulic | Pumps | Gear pumps | hydraulic cylinders [+] Piston pumps | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | production of hydraulic accessories for industrial vehicles | production of hydraulic components for industrial vehicles | capstans | power take-off (pto) | mini power units | power take-off for lorries | power take-off | hydraulic components for industrial vehicles
Manufacture of fittings and connectors for the wine making industry. Drop forging, slicing, turning and cutting of all types of metal. Hydraulic and oleodynamic cylinders. Framework. Supplier of: Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | Hydraulic equipment | stainless steel joints | sheet metal stamping | hydraulic cylinders [+] wine making fittings and connectors | lightweight frameworks | hydraulic jacks | wine industry | wine system tube joints | pumps for the wine industry | hydraulic equipment
Lugo (ra) - ITALY
...constructing and manufacturing customer-specific hydraulic cylinders and related semi-finished products. We also supply hydraulic systems, including all pipework and control systems. We specialise in: Deep drilling,... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | large-volume hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic telescopic cylinders | hydraulic cylinder repairs | long hydraulic cylinders
...valves, gear and vane pumps, high pressure oil-hydraulic pipes, hosing, distributors, flow splitters, cylinders, air-oil/water-oil exchangers, oil-hydraulic plants, pneumatics, air processing,... Supplier of: Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | fluid control equipment | vacuum techniques | hydraulic cylinders | hydropneumatic accumulators [+] top hats | hydraulic and pneumatic components | hydraulic equipment | manifolds for hydraulic systems | spare parts for hydraulic equipment | technical assistance | control systems for presses | hydraulic equipment
Industrial bearings and supplies, compressed air, compressors, dryers, coolers. Control systems, installations and accessories. Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | Bearings - ball, needle and roller | Compressors | hydraulic cylinders | power drives [+] industrial bearings | industrial supplies | compressed air | electric tools | roller transport | roller chains for transmissions | track rollers | pneumatic tools | o-rings
Albolote-Granada - SPAIN
We provide maintenance for diesel, gas and turbine tower regulators. We are also able to revise and test tower regulators and overspeed systems, ENERPAC, EUROPA and SKL. Supplier of: Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | onsite repair service for hydraulic installations | manufacture of adjustment collars according to client specifications | repair service for regulators assembled in naval installations | hydraulic cylinders [+] technical regulator controls under warranty | regulator repairs under warranty | maintenance of tower regulators for turbines | repair service for regulators assembled in land installations | onsite repair service for tower regulators | marine engine assistance | marine engine spares | top hats | diesel engine repair


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Parmafluid sells and manufactures a large range of oleohydraulic systems and components for the mechanical, food and industrial vehicle sectors. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic circuits | hydraulic equipment [+] hydraulic power packs | hydraulic pumps | gear pumps | hydraulic valves | automation design
Parma (pr) - ITALY
...has been successfully producing individual hydraulic solutions since 1969. We have recently made a cylinder configurator available on our home page. Our products: Pressure switches, manual valves, hydraulic blocks, hydraulic seals, hydraulic components, hydraulic gear pumps,... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Joints, hydraulic | Valves, hydraulic | Linkages, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders [+] Assemblies, hydraulic | hydraulic pumps | filters for hydraulics | control blocks, hydraulic | hydraulic units
Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic equipment
Reggio Emilia - ITALY
...whose registered office is located in Brescia, is a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic and oleohydraulic cylinders. The company also has oleohydraulic, pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Pneumatic system components | hydraulic equipment | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders [+] top hats | pneumatic cylinders | stainless steel cylinders | pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment | supplies for mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
Brescia - ITALY
Companies of all sizes from virtually every sector of industry use the individual solutions from HYDROPNEU. Special cylinders, standard cylinders, DIN / ISO control system cylinders and a range of... Supplier of: special cylinders, hydraulic | core pull cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders with distance-measuring system | hydraulic cylinders with proximity switches | block cylinder, hydraulic
Ostfildern - GERMANY
Fluidodinamica Toscana, commercially linked to three prestigious Italian automation component manufacturers, like Pneumax, Titan and Atos, has particularly consolidated its experience in the... Supplier of: Air compressors | pneumatic valves | hydraulics | hydraulic cylinders | valves [+] hydraulic valves | pneumatic cylinders
...of components and accessories such as pumps, hydraulic plant, cylinders, distributors, pipes, hydraulic motors, pressure gauges,orbitron gauges, fittings and connectors, flow control regulators,... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic accessories | pipes | hydraulic pipes | hydraulic cylinders [+] hydraulic components | hydraulic systems | hydraulic pumps
Llanera-Asturias - SPAIN the construction and production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Our long-time experience in combination with our professionalism guarantees you´ll get the perfect solution and... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Hydraulic regulating equipment | hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders | oil-hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders [+] Assemblies, hydraulic | Reducing gears, hydraulic | hydraulic systems
Sveti Ivan Zelina - CROATIA
Avvenente has been working in the ship repair sector for over 20 years. lt deals with ship and industry hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronic repair, loading equipment, all types of hydraulic... Supplier of: Marine engineering | hydraulic cylinders | spare parts for hydraulic equipment | ship repairs | ship maintenance [+] hydraulic equipment | hydraulic equipment | hydraulic system design
Genova - ITALY
Company specialising in the design and manufacture of valves and hydraulic components for industry. The company aims to offer its own customers a product characterised by high quality standards. The... Supplier of: Valves for pneumatic equipment | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic and pneumatic components | valves
Modena (mo) - ITALY
SIAO specialises in the construction, maintenance and upgrading of hydraulic power units with capacities from 4 to 5000 litres and rams with diameters up to 400 mm. We also offer hydraulic components... Supplier of: Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic plants | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic transmissions
...and manufacture of special and large dimension hydraulic and oleodynamic cylinders. Stainless steel and aluminium cylinders, threaded cylinders, pneumatic and telescopic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders,... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | special cylinders | large dimension flanges | hydraulic cylinders [+] hydraulic pistons | aluminium cylinders | cylinder design
Bomporto - ITALY
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