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  • Innovative solutions for hydraulic command and control. Hydraulic systems can be used anywhere where control of power and movement is needed. At Bucher, all our development efforts are focused on... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | pneumatic cylinders | presser cylinders | hydraulic systems [+] hydraulic motors | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic pumps | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic equipment | pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment | hydraulic equipment | pneumatic equipment | hydropneumatic power packs | hydraulic power packs
    ITALY - Reggio Emilia
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  • ...and distribution company of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, agricultural components and lifting machines. The company MLA OSCAR with expertise in the subject of hydraulic applications, undertakes the design and construction of specific systems based on customer specifications. More can be found in section... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic lifts | goods lifts for the disabled
    GREECE - Larissa
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  • As a renowned plant construction company, we provide you with support for the development, design and construction of high-quality fluid systems. Operating under the brand "combiloop", we build and... Supplier of: Assemblies, hydraulic | Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic block cylinders | hydraulic units [+] hydraulic components | hydraulic hoses | high-pressure pumps | industrial hydraulics | wood chip transport | hydraulic filters | repairs of hydraulics | high-pressure pump systems for deep-hole drilling | high pressure hydraulics | hydraulics servicing
    GERMANY - Villingendorf
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  • since 1969. We have recently made a cylinder configurator available on our home page. Our products: Pressure switches, manual valves, hydraulic blocks, hydraulic seals, hydraulic components, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic installations, hydraulic filters, hydraulic... Supplier of: Assemblies, hydraulic | Linkages, hydraulic | Valves, hydraulic | Joints, hydraulic | Hydraulic equipment [+] hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic units | filters for hydraulics | control blocks, hydraulic | hydraulic system components | industrial hydraulics | proportional valves | high pressure proportional valves | hydraulic blocks
    SWITZERLAND - Schlieren
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  • Founded in 1964 by Karl-Heinz Burre (Dipl.-Ing.), Burre Hydraulik began operations in 1965. The original idea of an engineering office was quickly rejected and its own small manufacturing facilities... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic cylinders | special cylinder, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinder repairs | block cylinders, hydraulic [+] hydraulic cylinders with distance-measuring system | telescopic cylinder, hydraulic | differential cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic units | hydraulic steel structures | ship hydraulics | hydraulic rotary unions | filter systems | filtration technology | repairs of hydraulics
    GERMANY - Bad Oeynhausen
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  • ...production and sales of hydraulic cylinders, as well as components for hydraulic systems. We produce hydraulic components based on your specifications, and work with you to develop a technical solution. Our... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Assemblies, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic valves and cylinders [+] hard chrome plating of hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders for mobile crane manufacturers | hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic press manufacturers | oil-hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders for mining industry | hollow piston cylinder, hydraulic | core pull cylinder, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinder repairs | special cylinder, hydraulic | telescopic cylinder, hydraulic
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • ...a maximum capacity of 5, 000 L, hydraulic cylinders with diameters of upto 400 mm, either to UNI EN ISO 6020/2 standard or to client specifications or design, as well as being able to manufacture special faciliites. Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic transmissions | hydraulic pipes | hydraulic pumps | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment [+] hydraulic circuits | hydropneumatic power packs | hydraulic equipment | hydraulic control units | industrial hydraulics | hydraulic power packs | pneumatic shock absorbers | manufacture of oil hydraulics components | hydraulic units
    ITALY - Rescaldina
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  • all sizes, and large dimensions supplying cylinders for all types of powered hydraulic presses. We also supply press columns, hydraulic collectors and press frames We offer to coat our cylinder rods... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | Hydraulics systems | Hydraulic equipment | Jacks, hydraulic | design of cylinders, hydraulic [+] cylinders for hydraulic presses | hydraulic systems | hydraulic solutions | hydraulic equipment | hydraulic adjustment motors | special hydraulic jacks | bespoke hydraulic jacks | hydraulic jack design | large dimension hydraulic jacks
    FRANCE - Albert
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  • ...customer-specific hydraulic cylinders and related semi-finished products. We also supply hydraulic systems, including all pipework and control systems. We specialise in: Deep drilling, peeling and plain... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | long hydraulic cylinders [+] hydraulic cylinder repairs | hydraulic telescopic cylinders | large-volume hydraulic cylinders | special cylinders | turbine adjustment cylinders | steelworks cylinders | dam cylinders | pneumatic cylinders | welding of hot rolled pipes
    GERMANY - Neuss
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  • We provide maintenance for diesel, gas and turbine tower regulators. We can also revise and test ENERPAC, EUROPA and ZEXEL tower regulators and overspeed systems. Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | marine engine assistance | top hats | diesel engine repair [+] marine engine spares | regulator repairs under warranty | on-site repair service for tower regulators | technical regulator controls under warranty | on-site repair service for hydraulic installations | repair service for regulators assembled in naval installations | manufacture of adjustment collars according to the client's specifications | maintenance of tower regulators for turbines | repair service for regulators assembled in land installations
    ITALY - Genova
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  • Industrial bearings and supplies, compressed air, compressors, dryers, coolers. Control systems, installations and accessories. Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Bearings - ball, needle and roller | Compressors | power drives [+] industrial bearings | industrial supplies | compressed air | electric tools | roller transport | roller chains for transmissions | track rollers | pneumatic tools | o-rings
    SPAIN - Albolote-Granada
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  • For over 35 years, Grices Hydraulic Cylinders has been designing and manufacturing standard hydraulic cylinders and oil hydraulic cylinders (ISO, DIN), welded, compact and special cylinders to customer and... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinder components | oil hydraulic cylinders | cylinder design | cylinder configurator [+] cylinder manufacturer | iso-certified cylinders | special cylinders | hydraulic equipment | repairs to hydraulic jacks | oil hydraulic pistons
    ITALY - Valgreghentino
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  • ...manufactures hydraulic and oleodynamic cylinders and offers its clients numerous items, including hydraulic equipment, hydraulic cylinders, special cylinders, pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic equipment, hydraulic... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | pneumatic cylinders | stainless steel cylinders [+] Pneumatic system components | supplies for mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment | pneumatic and hydropneumatic equipment | top hats | hydraulic equipment
    ITALY - Brescia
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  • Design and construction of special cylinders and power units. Versatility and dynamism are key elements of our infrastructure, and indispensable in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | presser cylinders | hydraulic valves | hydraulics [+] pneumatic equipment | hydraulic power packs
    ITALY - Isorella
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  • Hydraulic and oleodynamic cylinders. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | wine industry | wine system tube joints [+] pumps for the wine industry | hydraulic jacks | light structural steelwork | wine making fittings and connectors | stainless steel joints
    ITALY - Lugo
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  • Production, supply and installation of machines, systems and components – installation of new systems (mechanics, hydraulics and electrics) – modernisation and conversion of production facilities,... Supplier of: Metallurgy - machinery and installations | straightening - machine tools | specialised mechanical engineering | sheet metal working machines | distaff [+] levellers | coil handling | feeds | transfer gantries | transfer devices
    GERMANY - Ratingen
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  • ...of components for hydraulic cylinders, assembled cylinders and cylinder assembly machines, and importer and reseller of various products for hydraulic installations, has been one of the best... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic valves | hydraulic equipment | gear pumps [+] cylindrical hydraulic components | fittings
    ITALY - Lugo
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  • ...range of components and accessories such as pumps, hydraulic plants, cylinders, distributors, hoses, hydraulic motors, pressure gauges, orbitron gauges, fittings and connectors, flow control regulators, valves, etc. Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic components | hydraulic systems | hydraulic pumps [+] hydraulic accessories | pipes | hydraulic hoses
    SPAIN - Llanera-Asturias
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  • Our experience in the production of hydraulic jacks for industrial uses enables us to make products capable of satisfying the highest requirements in terms of quality, price and leadtime. Quality is... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders | cylinder design | hydraulic shock absorbers
    ITALY - Alpignano
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  • SMC Italia is a subsidiary of its Japanese parent company that was founded in 1959, and manufactures pneumatic components for industrial automation used in various sectors such as automotive, food... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | rotating cylinders | Valves for spark ignition engines | plastic manual valves | valve manifolds [+] pneumatic units for automation | pneumatic turntables | hydraulic shock absorbers
    ITALY - Carugate
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  • Camar was founded on 1 October 1965 by Giuseppe Riva, becoming a limited company in 1977. Our company provides full sales and technical support before, during and after every sale, delivering quality... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | gechter


    ITALY - Cascine Vica-Rivoli
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  • We are specialized in a seal manufacturing, production and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic assemblies and the production of various polyurethane and rubber products. Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | pneumatic cylinders | manufacture of seals | polyurethane | vulcanizing [+] manufacture of rubber products | manufacture of hydraulic components | cnc turning, milling, machining
    SLOVENIA - Maribor
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  • The company started business in 1963 as a craft workshop at the home of Mr. Giovanni. Thanks to the continually increasing volume of work, the new head office was inaugurated in 1982: then began mass... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | presser cylinders | rotating cylinders | cylinder design [+] hydraulic equipment | hydraulic equipment | metal shearing work
    ITALY - Reggio Emilia
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  • Quality is an essential factor in the creation of our products. Each operation is systematically checked, ensuring our processes are subject to constant improvement. Cy.Pag. S.r.l. is a... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | stainless steel cylinders | compact cylinders | cylinder design [+] presser cylinders | hydraulic equipment | pneumatic equipment
    ITALY - Morbegno
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  • For 30 years, REM-B HYDRAULICS has specialized in various areas of activity: • sale of components and full spare parts for hydraulic systems • repairs to all kinds of hydraulic equipment: pumps,... Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Valves, hydraulic | Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic valves | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment [+] hydraulic pump repairs | industrial hydraulics | hydraulic motors | repairs to hydraulic rams

    Brands : Bosch Rexroth | Eaton Vickers | Enerpac | Linde | Parker

    BELGIUM - Beerse
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  • Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic and pneumatic components | manifolds for hydraulic systems | hydraulic circuits
    ITALY - San Martino Siccomario
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  • ...components. Custom presses, hydraulic cylinders, grinding, project development engineering, hydraulic press manufacture, special machinery and injection moulds, working to client instructions, pressure... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic presses | Mechanical engineering - custom work | precision machining | construction of machines and equipment [+] special machines | turning | industrial maintenance | machine design | machinery | regrinding | plastic injection | injection moulds | press construction
    SPAIN - Tudela
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  • Company specialising in the design and manufacture of valves and hydraulic components for industry. The company aims to offer its own customers a product characterised by high quality standards. The... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | Valves for pneumatic equipment | valves | hydraulic and pneumatic components
    ITALY - Modena
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  • Avvenente has been working in the ship repair sector for over 20 years. lt deals with ship and industry hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronic repair, loading equipment, all types of hydraulic... Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | Marine engineering | ship maintenance | ship repairs | hydraulic system design [+] hydraulic equipment | hydraulic equipment | spare parts for hydraulic equipment
    ITALY - Genova
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  • Since 1993, GIDROLAST, with capital of EUR 915, 000, has confirmed its position in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment. The company is established in the heart of the area of CARBONATE,... Supplier of: Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic cylinders for heavy duty applications | hydraulic cylinders for mining industry | hydraulic power packs
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