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  • The company Matec srl produces, sells and integrates codification, labelling, marking and identification systems, in real time, for both automated and non-automated production lines, test benches and... Supplier of: marking of industrial products | machines for marking and micropoints | laser marking systems | Marking and labelling machinery | labellers [+] labelling | markers | label printers | bar code terminals | manual systems creating labels | application systems for robotised lines | printing systems for robotised lines | adhesive labels for office use | office markers
    ITALY - Torino
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  • a professional manufacturer in coding& marking industry, with main products as inkjet printer, laser coding machine, consumable, conveyor and pagination machine, coding machine, marking machine. Supplier of: Package stamping machinery | inkjet printer | coding machine
    CHINA - Wuhan
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  • Trotec was founded in Austria in 1995 and forms part of the Trodat Trotec Group. Trotec Laser produces and sells laser engravers, marking lasers and laser cutters all over the world. Trotec laser... Supplier of: marking on all surfaces | laser marking systems | marking laser | Laser - cutting and welding machines | Textile cutting machinery [+] Shearing machine tools | laser engraving machines | plastic material laser cutting machines | customised laser working | laser engraving | laser cutters | laser engraving tool | laser engraving tool | sp series laser cutter | co2 laser cutting machines from trotec
    AUSTRIA - Marchtrenk
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  • Sacelink is the brand used by Sacel srl to distribute and sell industrial micro-character inkjet markers, high-definition industrial inkjet markers and industrial inkjet printing consumables to the... Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | industrial marking inks | metal marking | plastic marking | industrial marking inks [+] Inks | Welding and gluing of rubber and plastic | Ink jet printing | additives for inks | micro-percussion marking | industrial ink jet cartridges | plants, machinery and equipment for the plastics industry | industrial supplies | industrial micro-character inkjet markers | high-definition industrial inkjet markers

    Brands : LINX

    ITALY - Matera
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  • REA JET – the company. Founded in 1982, four business areas – REA JET – Industrial labelling systems – REA Verifier – Barcode test devices – REA Card – Cashless payment systems – REA Mobile – Payment... Supplier of: Marking machines | Marking - diverse products | label dispensers | stampers | customised laser working
    GERMANY - Mühltal
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  • ...industry in their use of machines and products in terms of engineering and standards to meet regarding their business activities, to ensure that EU standards and directives represent an opportunity rather than a restriction.We... Supplier of: ec marking | Quality control and certification | noise analysis and control services | noise analysis | security advice and services [+] work safety certification | safety in the workplace | grating flush with pool edge | engineering design | acoustic impact assessment | handling and storing | technical advice on lifting | engineering consultancy | industrial consultancy | installation reliability consultancy
    ITALY - Tavagnacco
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  • ...has made a mark in the Handicraft industry as one of the reliable manufacturer and supplier of large range of handicrafts products like garden items and furniture, garden tools and accessories, bird house ,... Supplier of: Wrought iron, artistic | Boxes and trays, storage | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Frames and mountings, photograph | christmas decorations [+] wholesale christmas items | indian wall hangings | candle jars | metal boxes | garden toys | hook and loop fasteners | votive candle | brass table lamps | mugs | manufacturing of funerary urns
    INDIA - Moradabad
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  • ...PANO GRAVEURS offers a comprehensive range of products and services in engraving and marking nameplates and labels on all types of material: plastics, metals, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and for all trades and professions:... Supplier of: Engraving, industrial - steels and metals | Industrial screen printing | Screen printing for advertising | Signs and signals for building sites | Signs - indoor [+] industrial engraving of rubber stamps | directional signs | indoor signs | company signage | approved accident prevention signs | laser engraving | chemical engraving | signposts | fire prevention signs | accident prevention signs for workplaces and premises
    FRANCE - Belfort
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  • ...offers integrated solutions for product marking, numbering, coding, identification and verification. The company has been developing and producing industrial inkjet printers, numbering machines and camera... Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | marking systems | marking systems | cable marking | coding machines [+] product identification | industrial identification | identification systems | industrial printers | contactless identification | coding systems | industrial inkjet printers | lower case inkjet printers | cable printing | packaging identification
    GERMANY - Tuttlingen
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  • ...METO has been synonymous with innovative products and high quality for more than 45 years. Our range includes suitable solutions to meet the needs and requirements for modern item labelling and marking. We offer you... Supplier of: Marking and labelling machinery | Checkout counters | adhesive wording | label dispensers | sales promotion activities [+] labelling systems | hand labelling devices | display | paper labels | self-adhesive label rolls | price labelling systems | price labelling devices | pos (point of sale) displays | price labels | decorative and adhesive labels
    GERMANY - Hirschhorn
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  • almost all steel materials. Our high quality products usually end up being used in system and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and in medical and energy technology. Drum dyeing machines and spring... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Scouring - steels and metals | bright steel [+] stainless steel grinding works | cold-formed structural shapes | cold-drawn steel bars | bar steel | treatments of light alloys ground steels | ground steels | drawn steel | manufacture of steel profiles | steel profiles | titanium alloy
    GERMANY - Wetter
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  • ...fields in all walks of life. The registered mark of the company is “LZK” (Luoyang Zhoucheng Keji). Main products: RV reducer bearings, YRT bearings, large-size thin-wall tapered and cylindrical roller bearings, deep... Supplier of: Turntables | Industrial robots | Reducers | Bearings, needle | Plain bearings [+] Bearings, ball | Bearings, roller | Bearings, crankshaft | industrial automation robotics | industrial reducers | medical devices | needle roller bearings | ball bearings | bearings
    CHINA - Luoyang
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  • Profilex provides technical components and solutions for industry. Our range mainly includes three lines of products. Mobil-Mark lasers enable you to mark parts without protection booths. Supplier of: Sections - non-ferrous metal | linear motor | linear actuator | electric jack | pneumatic jack [+] magnetic spring | aluminium profile | protective housing | conveyor | linear guide
    LUXEMBOURG - Troisvierges (ëlwen)
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  • ...pallets - transportation and storage devices - production. The company has a license to EPAL pallet production, which ensures production of high quality and ensures that the company EPAL pallets in UIC 435-2 standard. All original EPAL pallets are... Supplier of: Pallets | Timber, unplaned | Import-export - wood | Wood for industrial purposes | pallet warehouse [+] production of pallets | wooden pallets manufacture | standard pallets | epal pallets | pallet wood
    LITHUANIA - Siauliai
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  • ...used: in the foot-wear industry; in the production of filters; for linoleum base; for the manufacture of iron presses; in the automotive industry; as geotextiles. NEAUSTIMA, JSC is constantly introducing new technologies and expanding... Supplier of: Wool fibres | Linen fibres | Cotton fibres | Fabrics, nonwoven | Geotextiles [+] Textile fibres, natural | Natural textile waste | Textile - import-export | Technical textiles | needle-punched felt
    LITHUANIA - Siauliai
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  • We have specialised in industrial packaging and marking systems since 1954: product and package coding with ink-jet, contact and stencil systems. Supplier of: marking machines for packing | marking machines | industrial marking inks | Inks | Marking and labelling machinery [+] packaging machinery | industrial ink jet cartridges | ink jet marking
    ITALY - Desio
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  • ...and automation facilities. All products are manufactured in compliance with the CEI EN 61558 standard and the CE marking provides a guarantee of safey and conformity with European... Supplier of: Transformers | inductance | feeders | electrical and electromechanical windings | autotransformers [+] low profile transformers | ferrite switched mode power supplies and transformers
    ITALY - Villafranca Padovana
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  • ...rooms, cupboards, environmental protection, industrial cleaning, laboratory / cleanroom / stainless steel, ladders and scaffolding, lifting equipment, markings and barriers, office equipment, office furniture, outdoor... Supplier of: Office supplies | wooden stacking frame for 1200 x 800 mm pallets | whiteboards | wide neck drums | anti-fatigue matting made of pvc foam [+] transparent stretch film | steel pedal bins for recyclable waste | steel tubing bicycle racks | anti-fatigue mat made of natural rubber | plastic stacking chair | steel zinc plated platform truck | crash protection guard | plastic safety pedestal ashtray | wall section for mesh partition system | anti slip machine steps
    AUSTRIA - Elixhausen
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  • ...rooms, cupboards, environmental protection, industrial cleaning, laboratory / cleanroom / stainless steel, ladders and scaffolding, lifting equipment, markings and barriers, office equipment, office furniture, outdoor... Supplier of: Office supplies | waste sack made of polyethylene | universal cupboards | universal cupboard with hinged doors and 4 shelves | steel frame dolly with fixed castors [+] steel frame dolly with swivel castors | steel cupboards | welded pallet racking uprights | wall section for hexagonal shelter with safety glas | operator swivel chair orthopaedic seat | orthositz® orthopaedic seat swivel chair | steel lockers | steel computer cupboard | computer cupboard with melamine coated worktop | stacking chairs
    FRANCE - Réau
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  • ...rooms, cupboards, environmental protection, industrial cleaning, laboratory / cleanroom / stainless steel, ladders and scaffolding, lifting equipment, markings and barriers, office equipment, office furniture, outdoor... Supplier of: Office supplies | foldable parking rails made of steel | anti-fatigue stool with handle and seat suspension | steel lockers with stud feet and full height compartments | wire mesh based shelves for pallet racking [+] office swivel chairs | standard folding tables | euro mesh pallet | eurokraft general purpose trolley | eurokraft mobile work stands with a max. load 150 kg | mobile presentation walls | tool cupboard with desktop | universal steel cupboard with double doors | double door steel cupboard with shelves | stainless steel table trolley varithek servo +
    BELGIUM - Diegem
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  • ...of chemicals for the construction and industrial sectors. World leader in polyurethane waterproofing systems ALCHIMICATM has placed its mark on some of the world's largest high-end construction projects, its name being inseparably... Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Construction Materials | waterproofing membranes | cement mortars [+] sealants | insulation products | chemicals for construction work | building chemicals | polyurethane resin | primers | industrial floor coating | silicone membranes | polyurethane adhesives
    GREECE - Aigaleo
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  • ...etc. MTS guides you in the design and production of your all technical plastic parts. Extruded and blow-moulded hollow technical plastic parts are used in a very wide range of industries. Our technical... Supplier of: Blow moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics moulding | extruded technical items | blow-moulded plastic components assembly | technical moulding of plastic parts [+] bottle making | creation, manufacture of extrusion blow-moulded spoilers | extrusion blow-moulding process for furnishings | extrusion blow-moulding process for the furniture industry | extrusion blow-moulding and over-moulding of inserts | over-moulding inserts for blow-moulded components | stamping blow-moulded plastic components | printing and foaming of blow-moulded plastic components | plastic technical parts for the automobile industry | technical plastic components for packaging
    FRANCE - Montréal-La-Cluse
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  • ...laser marking solutions for all industrial and branding purposes. Our systems are widely used e.g. in the fields of metal industry, product branding, cable and cable harness production, and medical industry. Our solutions... Supplier of: Marking machines | laser marking systems | traceability markings | color markings on steel | marking solutions for medical industry
    FINLAND - Kempele
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  • ...Sellenis' second product is a Digital Industrial Drop On Demand (DOD) line of printers for the Coding and Marking market. Coding and marking equipment/products are used to print product-specific details on the product itself in order to provide authentic... Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | marking | industrial ink | coding | packaging
    UNITED KINGDOM - Melbourn, South Cambridge
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  • We offer a products to solve a range of marking and writing needs: Metal makers for heavy-industry grade marking on aluminium, steel, carbon, glass and plastic. We can produce small quantities on... Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | markers | inks for marker pens | permanent markers | marker pens
    UNITED KINGDOM - Tadcaster
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  • ...Etchmark Ltd supply industrial part marking equipment and marking machines for permanent direct part marking and tamper proof product identication Whenever permanent product marking and identification are involved, you are at the right place.... Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | Marking machines | laser marking systems | Marking and labelling machinery | personalisation with engraved marking
    UNITED KINGDOM - Stafford
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  • right through to a fully integrated production line installation. Over the last 50 years we have supplied marking systems across most industrial sectors. Please see below for some examples of systems that have been supplied more recently to meet specific application... Supplier of: Marking machines | laser marking systems | electrochemical marking | dot peen marking | scribe marking
    UNITED KINGDOM - Feltham
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  • ...for the fresh marked and for the industry in Norway. We produce about 250 000 kg, mainly for the Norwegian marked. Besides raspberries, we also produce strawberries for the Norwegian marked. All our... Supplier of: Berries | norwegian raspberries | poly tunnels
    NORWAY - Vangsnes
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  • ...leading manufacturer specializing in road safety products related to traffic, construction and parking. Shindo Industry was established in 1987 as a small producer of automotive parts. Through continuous research and development, Shindo expanded its product... Supplier of: Traffic signs | road safety signage
    SOUTH KOREA - Paju
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  • of Pioneering Center. It’s specialized in the R&D, production and sales of industrial laser products like laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and key components. Supplier of: laser marking | laser marking machine | Laser apparatus and instruments
    CHINA - Suzhou
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