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  • VALKO srl manufactures professional vacuum-packing apparatus. Its extensive product line-up includes chamber vacuum-packing machines, barquette heat-sealing machines, food sealing machines able to... Supplier of: sterilisers | steriliser for the food industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment [+] systems and equipment for dairy products | packing machines for packing | manual heat sealers | packing and packaging machines and equipment | heat sealers | packaging machines for packing | vacuum packing machines | canning systems and equipment | facilities and equipment for the food-processing industry | vacuum
    ITALY - Bottanuco
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  • Supplier of: Disinfection and sterilisation services | sterilisation | Pest and vermin control services | goods disinfestation | mouse poison station
    ITALY - Torino
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  • Systec GmbH is a manufacturer of autoclaves (steam sterilizers), especially laboratory autoclaves, mediapreparators and filling devices for liquid media and microbiological culture media. Systec... Supplier of: Laboratory equipment and instruments | biotechnology | sterilizer | autoclaves for sterilizing | autoclaves
    GERMANY - Linden
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | steam sterilisers | Paper bags
    TURKEY - Mersin
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  • Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | sterilisation
    FRANCE - Bernay
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | sterilisation baskets | Testing of products and materials | sterilizer | sterlising equipment
    FRANCE - Boulogne Billancourt
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | industrial sterilisers | Medical and surgical instruments | accredited laboratories | sterlising equipment
    FRANCE - Montereau
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | Dentistry - accessories and supplies
    POLAND - Starowa Góra
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  • Since 1988, STERITECH has been manufacturing and installing innovative, highly efficient sterilizing/pasteurizing equipment all over the world for packed products. STERITECH specializes in solutions... Supplier of: sterilisation | autoclaves for steam sterilisation | Autoclaves | pasteurisation | flexible packaging
    FRANCE - Saverne
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | autoclaves for steam sterilisation | Autoclaves
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | Gases, medical - apparatus and equipment
    TURKEY - Adana
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  • Supplier of: sterilisation | Retailing outlets
    MEXICO - México,D.F.
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  • In the space of a few years, MCM Emballages has become a key reference for the supply and use of food preservation equipment at different levels: for domestic, semi-industrial or small-scale... Supplier of: sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | steriliser for the food industry | home sterilisation | steriliser accessories | stainless steel steriliser [+] food sterilisation | sterilisers-autoclaves | Bottles and jars, glass | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Packaging, glass | autoclaves for the food and cannery industry | autoclaves for the food processing and canning industries | glass clip jars | packing and packaging in glass
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim Gare
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  • ...preserving, from glass containers to household sterilisers and professional autoclaves. MCM Emballages also provides personalised advice on how to use the machines, and sterilisation methods for all types of foods... Supplier of: sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | sterilisation of preserved foods | sterilisation of jars | food sterilisation | stainless steel steriliser [+] sterilising in autoclaves | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | professional sterilizer autoclave | food hygiene | professional pasteurisation | professional vacuumizer | stainless steel autoclave | training in using autoclaves | autoclave machine preserving | food preserved in jars
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim-Gare
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  • Envirotek East Europe, a subsidiary of Envirotek Worldwide, is the ENVIROTEK250 dealer for Eastern Europe, all kinds of waste treatment machinery, and namely hospital waste. ENVIROTEK250 is approved... Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | hospital sterilisation | hospital waste sterilisation machines | hospital waste sterilisation | machines for disinfecting hospital instruments [+] machines for eliminating infected bandages | machines for eliminating plasma unit waste | machines for eliminating blood bank waste | machines for eliminating rest home waste | machines for eliminating healthcare establishment waste | machines for eliminating dialysis centre waste | machines for eliminating clinical laboratory waste | machines for eliminating clinical waste | machines for eliminating infected hospital waste | hospital waste processing
    SERBIA - Belgrado
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  • ...from industrial formulation, equivalent to "cold sterilisation", while preserving the integrity and naturalness of the product in its final packaging thereby avoiding controlled atmosphere packaging. Supplier of: Disinfection and sterilisation services | microbiological safety through cold sterilisation | Cosmetics | machines and equipment for the cosmetics industry | high hydrostatic pressure process [+] new high pressure processing approach | development of innovative hpp procedures | hpp decontamination | inactivation of plant species | inactivation of bacterial spores | organoleptic properties of cosmetics | naturalness of cosmetic products | decontamination of ingredients | decontamination of formulated products | packaged product safety
    FRANCE - Leognan
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  • Finn-Korkki is a world leader in ring pull bottle caps with 30 year’s experience of designing and producing ring pull caps and ring pull cap sealing machines. This gives Finn-Korkki a unique depth of... Supplier of: Caps, metal | metal caps | crown caps | bottle caps | ring crown metal ring pull caps [+] luxury aluminium closures | ring pull bottle closures | steel bottle cap | crown cork bottle caps | design bottle closures | manufacturer for bottle closures | ripcap metal ring pull caps
    FINLAND - Hämeenlinna
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  • ...impregnating machines, autoclaves for retreading vehicle tyres, pig launching stations for the pipeline industry; sterilisation autoclaves for the foodstuffs industry, disinsectisation autoclaves Supplier of: steriliser for the environment | industrial sterilisers | Packing and packaging materials, metal | autoclaves | plants with autoclave [+] accessories for autoclaves | autoclaves for industrial processes | autoclaves for the food and cannery industry | autoclaves for compounds | autoclaves for rebuilding tires | wood impregnation | timber impregnating machines | machinery and equipment for vulcanizing rubber | hardening tank | hardening shop supplies
    GERMANY - Coesfeld
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  • ...of quality laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers ideal for many laboratory sterilising applications including sterilisation of glassware, bottle growth, bottle waste, porous loads, plastics discard and... Supplier of: autoclaves for steam sterilisation | steam sterilisers | Autoclaves | autoclaves for laboratory tests | autoclaves for research institutes [+] autoclaves for microbiology | benchtop autoclaves with circular chambers | front loading autoclaves with circular chambers | laboratory autoclaves | rsc autoclaves with rectangular chambers | top loading autoclaves with circular chambers | double door autoclaves with circular chambers | power door autoclaves | manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves
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  • Manufacturer of pharmaceutical GMP quality vitamins B1, B6, B12 for direct compression & extracts of fermented papaya for the food industry. Development of microencapsulation, nanoencapsulation... Supplier of: Environmental research | vitamin b1 b6 b12 for direct compression | micro-/nano-encapsulation | dry extract of fermented papaya | powdered papain [+] atomizing | lyophilization | microencapsulated aromas | microencapsulated oil | coated micro-organisms
    BELGIUM - Angleur (science Park Liège)
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  • A subsidiary of the American company Envirotek World Wide Corporation, Envirotek Italia markets a series of hospital waste removal machines in Europe. The machines can be used by any company in the... Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | sterilising machines and equipment | sterilisation machines for hospital waste | Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | hospital waste collection and disposal [+] medical waste processing | hospital waste removal
    ITALY - Bologna
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  • VAVEA is a French company that specializes in automated air and surface treatments. VAVEA develops and markets AEROPULSE, a high-performance atomization appliance resulting from a patented process.... Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | Disinfection and sterilisation services | medical equipment for sterilising and disinfecting | Air disinfection - equipment and systems | Pest control - machines and equipment [+] aerosol equipment | disinfection systems | hospital disinfecting | treating and destroying odours | spray disinfection equipment | disinfection aerosols | manufacturer of disinfection equipment | equipment for diffusing insecticide | odour destruction and disinfection sprays | appliance for diffusing disinfectants and insecticides
    FRANCE - Anglet
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  • Ing. For over 20 years, A. Rossi Impianti Industriali is a company operating in the food processing sector. Thanks to its innovations and on-going development, the company is able to meet exacting... Supplier of: steriliser for the food industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry | electric pasteurisers | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry [+] evaporators for the food industry | evaporators | systems and equipment for processing tomatoes | industrial juice pulpers for foodstuffs | aseptic filling units | tomato processing lines | complete turnkey lines | heat exchangers | refining | blast chilling units
    ITALY - Parma
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  • Coccinella Ecosan cleans the air and surfaces of pathogenic agents: bacteria, mushrooms, moulds, yeasts, parasites and viruses without damaging equipment or vehicle interiors and without leaving any... Supplier of: environmental sterilisation | Air purification - equipment and systems | Air disinfection - equipment and systems | Sanitation | ozone suppressors [+] air ozonizers | ozone stations for breweries | ozone stations for swimming pools | ozone stations for wine cellars | ozone stations for cold stores | ozone stations for livestock farmers | ozone stations for oil plants | ozone stations for dairies | ozone stations for butchers | ozone odour elimination
    ITALY - Albino
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  • Axon’ Cable is a world leader in specialist interconnect systems. The company excels in the design and manufacture of wires, composite cables, flat flexible connectors, terminated harnesses,... Supplier of: Electric cables | ethernet leads | high flowrate electrical connections | high flowrate cables | micro-d connectors [+] spacewire link | mil-std-1553 data bus couplers | hyperfrequency coaxial leads | micro-d rectangular connectors | micro-d circular connectors | high voltage wires | composite cables | mini coaxial cables | micro d connections | lvds flat flexible cables
    FRANCE - Montmirail
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  • Checkpoint -Meto- is a multinational producer and supplier in the fields of labelling, identification and security tags for trade, service providers and industry. We also offer our customers complete... Supplier of: Marking and labelling machinery | Checkout counters | adhesive wording | label dispensers | sales promotion activities [+] labelling systems | hand labelling devices | display | paper labels | self-adhesive label rolls | price labelling systems | price labelling devices | pos (point of sale) displays | price labels | decorative and adhesive labels
    GERMANY - Hirschhorn
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  • EUROCAP specialises in the sale and distribution of metal caps, wicker covers (wired caps), heatshrink caps, aluminium caps, pilfer-proof caps (aluminium screw stoppers), HDPE screw stoppers and... Supplier of: Caps, metal | Stoppers and caps, plastic | screw covers | aluminium caps | champagne capsules [+] wire caps | non-reusable caps | pilfer-proof caps | hdpe plastic stoppers | quarter-turn caps
    BELGIUM - Rotselaar
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  • JSC "Refra" is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing refrigeration equipment. The long-term work experience, an official representative of the leading world producers of... Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | Refrigerated display units and windows | Cold rooms | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment [+] Tanks, metal | Food industry - machinery and equipment | industrial refrigeration | condensing units | refrigeration equipment
    LITHUANIA - Vilnius
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  • manufacture and hire of tablecloths, drapery, sheets, bathrobes, towels, face cloths, guest towels, seat covers, industrial laundry service. Supplier of: underwear sterilisation | Commercial and industrial linen | hotel linen hire | collective washing machines | sofa upholstery [+] tablecloth hire | curtains for hotels | hotel linen supplies
    ITALY - Santa Lucia-Cava De' Tirreni
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  • Company specializing in disinfection, disinsectization and rodent control. Pest control. Wood treatment – eradication of woodworm, termites, etc. Bird control: control of pigeons, sparrows,... Supplier of: Disinfection and sterilisation services | Pest control - machines and equipment | disinfecting equipment | rodent control equipment | disinfestation equipment [+] pest control | pigeon invasion | wood treatment
    SPAIN - Getafe-Madrid
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