fused silica powder
SiO2>99.9%,120F,150L,200mesh,325mesh,600mesh,1000mesh,2-6microns  - CHEM&SIZE MINERALS LIMITED


Chem&Size minerals is manufacturer/factory of fused silica powder which is made of fused silica ingot/lumps by Non Iron ball mills technology. Fused silica ingot/lumps is made of high purity crystal silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2000ºC) to amorphous Silicon dioxide, then it is classed to different grades by manual and then specially engineered to powder by ball mill. Chem&size Minerals fused silica powder has an near zero thermal expansion coefficient,consistent chemistry and carefully controlled particle size distribution.Fused silica powder are designed for use in refractory,flow control/continuous casting,investment casting,precision casting,lost-wax process,technical thermal ceramic and other special applications.Fused silica powder has very high electrical resitivity and low thermal conductivity,so it used as filler in epoxy molding compounds for semi-conductors and fusion bounded epoxy powder coastings.

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