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200.00$ HT
200 usd per tola,


its 100% Pure wild indian natural oudh oil , its called oudh itter , or oudh attar. its natural free from alcohol, BEST SELLER --PAST DELIVERY- LOW PRICE. 100% PURE WILD INDIAN AGARWOOD OIL BULK SELL--- WE OFFER AND AIM HIGH QUALITY AND GOOD PRICES -OUR PRODUCTS ARE BEST IN THE FIELD OF ESSENTIAL OILS, WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICE TO FIND RIGHT TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS OF OUDH, AGARWOOD . we are yeild per month 1000kg of Saiful islam perfume, its uses maney perfumery candle, soaps and secnted items.its aroma is very good and powerfull first you use it and after then belive,.WE ARE MANUFACTURED 100000 PIECE PER WEEK FOR THIS PERFUMES AND SELL IN LOCAL MARKET, ITS VERY NICE PERFUMES FOR MAN AND WOMEN. its very usefull and popullar perfumes for women. we are also manufacturer of agarwood oil, its called oudh oil or oud. Now we have three kinds of oudh oil......... 1- Oudh Oil AAA--$ 299/tola, ( Five years old,100% Pure wild Natural Assam Indian oudh oil)

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