white fabric equipment labels for manual marking,...
labels from Steierform 87-60160 material, white, with printed frames  - MAX STEIER GMBH + CO.KG

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Highlights very flexible material manual marking with ballpoint or marker pen easily removable Description An irreplaceable companion for electrical engineering. The flexibility of the material and white colour are recognisable features of these single sided self adhesive labels for convenient marking of cables, connectors, components, control boxes. As the labels are easily removed, errors in marking or subsequent changes can be accommodated. The surface finish of the labels makes them tough, abrasion, weather and water resistant. Manual inscription by ballpoint, marker or ink pen is easily carried out on site within the black borders, which highlight it and set it apart from its surroundings. As the labels are supplied in sheets, this facilitates different people/departments having access to their own supply. Conclusion A robust write-on label with black border, that can be applied to almost any surface; available in 2 different sizes from stock.

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