ОncoRehab - platform for rehabilitation of cancer patients

Interactive platform for online rehabilitation of cancer patients


The main part of the OncoRehab platform is online classesfor patients with the consequences of cancer. Cancer patients need constant support and assistance from a doctor during the period of rehabilitation. For the first time this task is solved on the interactive level using the platform by conducting regular online sessions with patients with constant monitoring of their condition. The platform allows to schedule classes, create a line of tariffs (daily classes or classes with interruptions, as well as classes on webinar recordings made offline), set up groups of 20 people based on questionnaires and determine the patient's physical level, and conduct online webinars.After the webinars, classes records are available to patients. Based on these records patients can do the exercises themselves.According to the results of classes, patients undergo questioning, the results in the form of a report are sent to the lecturer - thus the patient’s health status is continuously monitored.

Patient telemonitoring
  • Interactive platform
  • application software for healthcare
  • Healthcare software

Product features

Telemedicine segment Patient - doctor
Rehabilitation type Online group classes with a rehabilitation specialist
The main principle Asynchrony
Devices where service can be used Web, Android, iOS
Questionnaires Primary and after each class
Groups 15-20 people
Groups Recruitment into groups based on the results of the primary survey

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