24V 100V 220V Alumina Ceramic Rod Heater for Soldering Iron

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Ceramic Heater for Soldering iron & Station: Alumina Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heaters can provide higher reliability than ever before.Currently, applications include use as innovative types of heaters in the automotive, medical and semiconductor industries. a.Based material: white alumina ceramic, and the content of alumina is no less than 95%.The tungsten slurry is printed on the ceramic tape, laminated by hot pressing, and thensintered under the protection of a hydrogen atmosphere at 1650 ° C b.Ni-wires:N6 Ni-wires with 0.6mm diameter c.Brazing material: siliver-copper braging alloy Application: We are producing High Quality 24V 110V 220V Heating Element for Soldering Station with the advantages of energy-efficient,long lifetime,high insulation,super fast heatin up and eco-friendly.

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Product characteristics

Recommended voltage:
Vickers hardness (Load 500g):
12.3 Gpa

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361006 Xiamen - China