CKB LTD FITNESS MOBILITY Fitness Resistance Bands Fitness Mobility Resistance Bands are universal and can be used in all types of strength, functional fitness training, and mobility sessions. Do you struggle with pull-ups? You can easily attach them to pull up bars to add some assistance if you struggle and they can be a great aid in improving mobility. Versatile and compact bands are perfect for when you go away on business or holiday. The most popular resistance band on the market today! Our bands have been quality tested by gyms, CrossFit boxes and personal trainers across the country. Material: 100% natural latex. Each band has a different thickness which will provide different levels of resistance. Yellow 0.64cm / 5 - 15lb Red 1.30cm / 12 - 30lb Black 2.10cm / 35 - 70lb Purple 3.20cm / 45 - 100lb Green 4.50cm / 50 - 120lb Blue 6.40cm / 60 - 150lb Orange 1.30cm / 70 - 180lb CKB LTD is a registered brand. Trade Mark Number EU

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