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Vegetable oils and fats are the raw materials in the manufacture of shortenings, margarines, frying oils, and other edible products used by both the food manufacturer and the household. Vegetable oils can also be used to formulate specialty lipids such as human milk fat substitutes for infant formula, low calorie fats and oils and edible oils enriched in essential long chain omega–3 fatty acids and medium–chain fatty acids. They also have applications in the oleochemical, leather, paint, rubber, textile and pharmaceutical industries. Vegetable oils and fats are the densest source of food energy, more than any other food group. Vegetable oils are also carriers of fat soluble vitamins, and provide essential fatty acids. Crude vegetable oils and fats consist predominantly of triacylglycerols along with other minor components such as Free Fatty Acids (FFA), monoacylglycerols, dia–cylglycerols, Phospholipids, free and esterified Phytosterols, Polyphenols, Triterpene alcohols, Tocopherols,

  • Vegetable oils
  • Rapeseed oil
  • edible vegetable oils
  • soybean oils

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