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Furniture hardware refers to the hardware components of hardware furniture or for furniture on the slide, hinge, sofa feet, lifts, backrest, spring, gun nails, foot code, connection, activities, fastening, And other functional metal parts, also known as furniture accessories. China as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States period there are used for the cabinet of the copper hinge and paint for the corner, the foot of the gold-plated pieces, copper ring and so on. Furniture hardware hardware handle in the most widely used. Furniture hardware handle As the name suggests is the household goods involved in furniture hardware handle, furniture hardware handle can be embedded in the recent popular elements of the high-end cabinets accessories, with a new process to produce the standard works of art, after plating popular antique, fashion colors, Representative color can be: bronze, white ancient, ancient silver, powder, silver, flash silver, baked black, gold-plated, chrom