Nano4-Carglass® is a Nanotechnology product specially made for car windshields, vessels, and surfaces where wipers are generally used. This product is completely environmentally friendly and ecological. The protective coat of SiO2 provides an invisible and long-lasting protection for your windshield from dust, insects, dirt, etc. Applying Nano4-Carglass® allows any dirt, insect splatter, and general road grime to be easily removed with a little water and without any mechanical or chemical means. During winter Nano4-Carglass® allows easy removal of snow and ice as Nano4-Carglass® prevents water penetration on the windshield surface. At the same time when rain falls on the windshield Nano4-Carglass® breakdowns raindrops upon impact allowing rain to easily blow off your windshield while driving. Visibility in the most severe rain improves significantly using Nano4-Carglass®. Speeds above 50 km in the rain allows you to drive without the wipers turned on as

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