All solid objects including plastic surfaces have microscopic pores, invisible to the human eye where dirt can penetrate. Chemical detergents are used regularly to clean these objects but often times do not solve the problem. Nano4-Carprotect® is a Nanotechnology product specially designed for the protection of your cars surface and It is 100% environmentally friendly. The Nano4-Carprotect® with the power of nano-particles seal and protect the surface of the car so that particles such as insects, dirt and grime don’t find a way to penetrate the surface. This allows your car to be cleaned with a little bit of water or simply a cloth. Nano4-Carprotect® protects the paint of the car from UV radiation and premature fading. Apply Nano4-Carprotect® on your car and save the trouble and expense of cleaning using various chemical detergents.

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  • equipment for drying car paints

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