Organic Clove Bud Oil
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Botanically named: The plant of Clove tree is known as ‘Eugenia caryophyllata’ in the plant kingdom and modern botanists call it - Syzygium aromaticum. Origin: Expert researchers have a divided opinion for this plant to be native of either of India, Sri Lanka or Indonesian and Malaccan islands. Form: It carries a medium to watery viscosity liquid texture in it. Scent: The Clove bud oil smells typically Clove-like strong and spicy. Shade and Appearance: The colorless to light Amber colored oil tends to become thicker and darker with vintage and level of exposure to air. . Chemical constituents: Eugenol, Eugenol-Acetate, iso-Eugenol and Caryophyllene form the major composition of Clove bud oil. Extraction method: The flower buds of the organically cultivated Clove trees are steam-distilled to obtain this essential oil.

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Supply Type OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing
Brand Name Shiv Sales Corporation
Botnical Name Syzygium aromaticum
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