This all-natural table salt is produced on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea in southern Italy. Far away from industry and big cities, the seawater saltworks are located in large nature parks or nature reserves. In a sophisticated system of channels, seawater is fed into the salt marshes, some of which are centuries old. Wind and sun let the salt concentration gradually rise, the salt begins to crystallize and settles on the bottom of the saltworks. Now the salt is harvested with special tools. After extraction, the salt is only dried and separated in various granulations. It is a pure natural product, free of chemicals or additives. Even today, extraction is still often carried out according to centuries-old traditions in Mediterranean salt marshes, which are transferred from generation to generation. These refuges are important biotopes for many endangered bird and plant species. The marketing of sea salts is an important contribution to the preservation of these unique...

  • Italian sea salt granulate
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