This 1000 Litre Bag Aseptic Filler | IBC Liner Bag Aseptic Filling Machine provides the highest possible level of sterility and productivity for filling IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) liner aseptic bags. They are designed for packaging sterile fluids like tomato paste, vegetables and fruit juices, purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups and dairy products. Decapping, filling and capping parts move in a sterile chamber with an overpressure of steam barrier which ensures the sterile conditions. Advantage of Double-head Aseptic Filling Machine: Filling with 2 heads alternately can reduce backflow of the fluid in maximum, and then minimize the colour change and loss of nutritional ingredients from reheating. Specifications: Applicable bags: 1-inch or 2-inch spout fitted, 200/1000 litre aseptic bags Filling capacity: 6-15 tons per hour. Power: three-phase 380V/220V or customized, 8KW Compressed air: 6-8 bar, 25NL/min Food-grade steam: 5-8 bar, 50kg/h Weight: 2400kg

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  • 1000 litre bag aseptic filler
  • bag aseptic filling machine
  • 1000 litre bag filling machine