Super High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp is the classic and most popular choice for flowing romms. High pressure sodium lamps can be used through the vegetative and flowering stages, but the yellow spectral output makes them optimal for flowering. Features: Enhanced green and blue for more natural growth Ultra high output:210 umol/s Peaks in the Far-red range to stimulate metabolic activity in flowering Long useable life:90% at 10,000 hours

  • Light tubes
  • garden lighting
  • led

Product features

Light output(Lumens@100Hours) 155000
Rated life(Hours @10 hour /start) 15000
Correlated Color Temperature(K) 2050
Color Rendering Index(CRI)or (Ra) 32
Burning Position HOR ±15 °
Lamp Wattage(W) 1000w
Lamp operating Voltage(V) 215V
Lamp operating current(Amps) 4.7A
Min.-Max Starting pulse(Peak KV) 4-5
Min.Open Circuit Voltage(RMS) 456V

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