White and pure-cotton Yarn count: 40s, 32s, 21s and 21*32s Density: 19*10, 19*15, 26*18, 30*20 and 30*30 Size: 5*5cm; 7.5*7.5cm; 10*10cm; Layers: 4 layers; 8 layers; 12 layers; 16 layers Folded and unfolded Packaging: 1 pieces/bag, 2 pieces/bag, 5 pieces/bag, 10 pieces/bag, etc. Disinfection method: EO The 100% pure-cotton medical absorbent gauze has undergone high-temperature drying after degreasing and bleaching. The medical gauze with clean appearance, soft hand feel, odourlessness and superior absorption capacity can be used for absorbing blood and exudates as well as wrapping and protecting wounds. No toxic and side effects. EO disinfection and sterilization, which is safe and environmentally-friendly.

Medical fabrics
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • Medical Gauze Pad
  • Surgical Gauze Pad

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