10l pressure tank


The ultimate solution to spray Cabin Protect: a combination of an aluminum spray gun, extended 10m double air/paint hose and a galvanized powder coated aluminum tank of 10 L allows you to apply in a very comfortable way any primer, basecoat or topcoat, water based or solvent based; ideal to apply the Finixa Cabin Protect in a fast way with an ultimate result. Spray gun kit for SPG 81 available: nozzle, needle and aircap Reference Description Box pal SPG 80 10L pressure tank incl. 10m hose + spray gun 1.8mm 1 X SPG 81 spray gun nozzle 1.8mm for SPG 80 1 X SPG 82 set hoses for SPG 80 - 10m 1 X SPG 81K1.2 spray gun kit 1.2mm 1 X SPG 81K1.5 spray gun kit 1.5mm 1 X SPG 81K1.8 spray gun kit 1.8mm 1 X SPG 81K2.0 spray gun kit 2.0mm 1 X

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