ALFA MEDI ALFA MEDI - Verified by Europages


10x10cm gauze pack with paper

Non Woven


Cotton Gauze swab with X detectable ray 100{0ed61f0c573677f4fb2104bc64991a2cc8f12defe57be631ee5de990f1069db4} cotton gauze, high absorbency. 100pcs/pouch unsterile 5pcs/pouch sterile Cotton Gauze swab with X detectable ray *100{0ed61f0c573677f4fb2104bc64991a2cc8f12defe57be631ee5de990f1069db4} cotton gauze, high absorbency. *Folding edge or non-folding edge available. *40s,32s,21s, available. *Mesh: 20*10,19*15, 26*18, 30*20 available. *Size: 2″x2″, 3″x3″, 4″x4″, 4″x8″ available. *With X-ray line or without X-ray line available. *Layer: 4ply, 6ply, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply, 24ply, 32ply *Sterile or non-sterile available.

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