1100 L Waste Container


The container is designed for collection and storage of household and industrial wastes, which appear during life support and industry. Plastic eurocontainers differ from metal ones primarily in weight (they are more than 2.5 times lighter than metal ones). Scope of application: Industrial packaging Waste containers Additional documents: Certificate of conformity DIN EN certificates Product passport

  • solid urban waste bins
  • waste containers
  • Dustbins, waste bins

Product features

Length, mm 1377
Width, mm 1077
Height, mm 1369
Volume, liter 1100
Maximum upload, kg 440
Raw material HDPE
Temperature -40°/+50°С
Temperature cleaning (washing) +75°С
Color (standard) yellow, green, red, orange, gray, blue
Quantity in a truck, pcs 110
Options lid hatch, pedal, logo application

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