1.Material:Stainless-steel 2.Weight:90g; Body Length:64mm 3.Flux:3000-4000ml/min 4.Tread:G-1/2'' or NPT-1/2'' 5.G-1/2" thread (European pipe thread) or NPT-1/2" (Amercian pipe thread) is favorable.adjustable plastic filter with stainless steel neting which is easy to change high pressure water systems and low preaaure water systems. 6.NBR 90 O-ring is permanent and protect leaking individual packing or bulk packing is available. Stamping or laser printing logo is available. 7.Related accessories: *Drinker cap and filer *Drinker rubber mat *Drinker spring

Animal Production
  • stainless steel /brass/copper Pig Duck-billed drinnker
  • stainless steel /brass/copper Pig nipple drinnker
  • Brass/stainless steel water nozzle pig nipple drinker

Product features

Material Stainless-steel
Weight 90g
Body Length 64mm
Flux 3000-4000ml/min
Tread G-1/2'' or NPT-1/2''
O-ring NBR 90

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