12445 Wall Mounting Waveguide Dehydrator - A Series of 3 units giving dry air delivery ranging from 5 ft³/hr to 35 ft³/hr



Closely matched with the performance and specifications of our accomplished 19” rack-mounting waveguide dehydrators, the 12445 series Waveguide Dehydrator is intended to offer our customers a range of space-saving wall-mounting alternatives. Now available with 3 levels of performance, the 12445 range suits many applications. Protruding only 16cm or 23cm from a wall, and mounting via integral keyhole slots, these units dispense with any need for additional shelving or brackets. In addition to the exceptional performance now associated with Drallim Waveguide Dehydrators, in this case between 5 and 35 cubic feet per hour output, the 12445s are loaded with features, including the following: Integral air reservoir Adjustable output pressure regulator Output flow meter Humidity detection equipment Excessive run-time alarm Remote alarm monitoring terminal Digital runtime display High and low output pressure alarms