Okay Energy quartz vacuum sealing system is mainly used for oxygen-free and water-free vacuum-sealed storage of samples.The whole set includes oxyhydrogen generator, oxyhydrogen anti-backfire device, quartz tube vacuum sealing device, vacuum pump (Mechanical pump or molecular pump set), and quartz tube clamps, etc. The standardized and customized precision quartz tube joint/clamps can accurately match with the quartz tube, to ensure the airtightness of the quartz tube. You can choose mechanical pump or molecular pump set to vacuum the quartz tube according to the vacuum degree requirements. Quartz tube vacuum sealing device is used for vacuum sealing samples under oxygen-free and water-free conditions by dynamic sealing technology. Quartz tube is vacuumed during auto rotating and inert gas filling at the same time, which is easy to operate, with high vacuum and high sealing efficiency.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • rotary vacuum sealing system
  • oxyhydrogen flame quartz vacuum sealing system
  • quartz tube sealing machine

Product features

Model OK-M320
Sealing Method automatic rotary sealing
Rotary Speed 0-100rmp(adjustable)
Number of Workstation 1-3pcs
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 615*350*1065
Power 80W
Sealable Tube Size 8-45mm(OD)
Feature evenly heating, vacuum sealing, safety operation
Optional Device oxyhydrogen generator, vacuum pump
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