15K ~ 60K Heavy duty welding rotator turning roll

ProArc TR-KB series


TR-KB Series 1. Capacities range from 15,000 to 60,000 kilograms. 2. Superior worm gears reducer designed to provide high torque and low backlash. 3. Synchronized AC inverter drive control for two motors. 4. Metallic rollers bounded with natural rubber. 5. TR-KB series designed with symmetrical roller for quick and accurate centering adjustment. 6. Adjustment bolt for different work diameter. 7. Standard hand pendant with Forward-Stop-Reverse, speed potentiometer. 8. High frequency protected control box. 9. Fast/Slow footswitch - optional.

Welding, electric - equipment and supplies
  • Automatic Welding Machines
  • rotation welders
  • fuel tanks

Product features

Diameter range Ø300~5,500 mm
Roller diameter Ø405 mm
Roller width TR-15KB- 125mm
Roller width TR-30KB- 180mm
Roller width TR-45KB- 230mm
Roller width TR-60KB- 280mm
load capacity 15K / 30K / 45K / 60K
Speed Range 15KB~45KB- 100~1,500 mm/min
Speed Range 15KB~45KB- 100~1,350 mm/min
Roller type 15KB- Rubber / 45KB&60KB-Rubber metal

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