Liquiline M CM42 is the robust transmitter for pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen measurement in all process applications. It is the best choice for demanding environments be it hygienic applications, hazardous areas or functional safety areas. Liquiline’s intuitive operating concept simplifies commissioning, handling, and maintenance saving you time every day. Easy switching of parameters and seamless system integration give you the flexibility to adapt it exactly to your measuring task.

Measurement and control instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Sensor ORP / Redox
Application Liquiline M CM42 is a modular two-wire transmitter for all areas of process engineering.
Characteristic The extremely robust plastic housing and the hygienic stainless steel version are designed for the f
Measuring principle Connection of analog or digital Memosens sensors.
Design Depending on the ordered version, Liquiline M CM42 has one or two analog current outputs or it can b
Material Plastic or stainless steel housing with EPDM sealings.
Dimension Plastic housing: 144x144x159 mm; Stainless Steel: 174x174x145 mm
Ex certification ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI, TIIS
Ingres protection IP66 and IP67
Input One or two channel transmitter (with one reference connection)


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