2 Finger Gripper RG2


The two-finger gripper RG2 is a robot arm gripper with a payload of 2 kg. It is a collaborative gripper that is extremely flexible thanks to the integrated Quick Changer and a stroke of up to 110 mm. It offers intelligence, fast deployment, easy customization, and simple and intuitive programming. The outstanding software features of this system solution from OnRobot significantly reduce development and manufacturing times. The RG2 gripper is a tool for a wide range of applications. Adjustable fingertips provide great flexibility when gripping. This allows customers to use one tool for different parts of the production process. The result is a maximization of robot utilization. The RG2 works seamlessly with OnRobot’s Dual Quick Changer and any other OnRobot gripper. This allows you to get the most out of your robot. Protective covers for the two-finger gripper RG2 are included in the standard scope of delivery. Another feature is the TÜV certification of the RG2.

  • gripper devices for robots
  • grippers

Product features

Dimensions 213 x 149 x 36 mm
Gripper mass 0,78 kg
max. payload force fit 2 kg
max. payload form fit 5 kg
Gripping force 3 – 40 N
Power supply 24V
Protection class IP54

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