SL stands for Stepper Motor Ordering Information When buying POWER JACK MOTION stepper motor,please note the following: Parameters(New User) You need to consider the following parameters: 1) Holding Torque Large motors require high torque. 2) Output Speed If the output speed is high, torque is lower and vice versa. 3) Pulses Per Second It refers to no-load starting frequency of stepping motor. 4) Phase 2 Phase motors are often used for normal applications. 3 Phase motors are used for high speed and high torque requirements. 5) Special Parameters In addition, you may need to consider a few special parameters such as water proofing, output shaft length, and diameter among others. Miscellaneous Information Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

Product features

Step Accuracy 5%
Temperature Rise 80 degrees
Ambient Temperature Range :-20 to 55 degrees Ambient Temperature Range :-20 to 55 degrees
Insulation Resistance 500V AC 1 minute
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