2.0 ERGO 230 is a compact, touchless cleanroom cleaning trolley of the second generation with plastic buckets. The special design allows the discarding of used mops at the back and therefore ensures a higher safety against cross-contamination. The unique ERGO mop wetting unit guarantees reproducible, disinfectant-saving liquid dosing in just one step and can be adapted to different fluid requirements thanks to various mop plates. The new mop discarding mechanism ensures a touchless and safe discarding of used mops. The standard PurMop® accessories include a mop handle holder on the side and a rear waste bag holder for PurMop® waste bags. 2.0 ERGO 230 has two additional plastic buckets, which can be used to store cleaning utensils.

Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies
  • cleanroom cleaning
  • cleanroom trolleys
  • cleanroom hygiene

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