2000g High Acceleration Shock Test Systems Test Electronic Components Battery

Shock Test System


The precise type high acceleration shock tester can provide all half sine short wave specification specified in JESD22 B110. To meet them, merely change different shock rubber pad on shock seat. The wave is complete with high repeatability, able to provide user accurate test result. Conform to different test specs such as JESD22 B110 and IEC spec. Product Features All operation accomplished automatically. Rebound brake mechanism by automatically controlled. High rigid shock table. Using the anvil as a vibration insulation seismic base, to reduce the vibration effect the surrounding.How do you attach the hardware you’re testing to your shaker? By means of a fixture, usually aluminum or magnesium for lightness coupled with rigidity. They can be cast, or smaller fixtures machined from solid stock. Most fixtures are welded.How do you control shakers?

Testing equipment
  • 2000g Acceleration
  • 2000g Shock
  • 2000g Labtone

Product features

Place of Origin Dongguan
Brand Name Labtone
Certification ISO;CE
Model Number HSKT10
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 30 working days after payment
Payment Terms T/T;L/C
Supply Ability 30 sets/month
Packaging Details International standard plywood case
Technical consultation test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.
Equipment selection selection scheme, FAQ.
Technical training operation of equipment, daily maintenance, common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
Technical support special paid services are provided according to customer’s needs.

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