-Material:plastic steel -Specification and Accuracy : (1)10ml -Accuracy:1-10ml adjustable (2)20ml -Accuracy:2-20ml adjustable (3)50ml-Accuracy:5-50ml adjustable (4)100ml--Accuracy:10-100ml adjustable

  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,anmal metal syringe
  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,animal continuous stainless steel syringe
  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,animal plastic steel syringe

Product features

Material plastic steel
Specification 20/30/50/100cc/ml
10ml Accuracy 1-10ml adjustable
20ml Accuracy 2-20ml adjustable
50ml Accuracy 5-50ml adjustable
100ml Accuracy 10-100ml adjustable

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