*Incubator capacity: (1)Chicken egg capacity: 2112 eggs (2)Quail / bird egg capacity: 5304 eggs (3)Duck/Turkey egg capacity:1512 eggs (4)Goose egg capacity :832 eggs (5) Dove egg capacity :2688 eggs *Power:600W *Voltage: 220V/50Hz *Weight:133kg *Temperature control accuracy:≤±0.1 *Display resolution of moisture:±5%RH *Warranty:3years

Incubators - livestock
  • chicken eggs fully automatic incubator with CE
  • chicken eggs incubator hatcher;Poutry,duck egg incubator
  • poutry, Chicken,Bird,Ostrich,Duck,Turkey,Quail,Goose egg incubator

Product features

Chicken egg capacity 2112 eggs
Quail / bird egg capacity 5304 eggs
Duck/Turkey egg capacity 1512 eggs
Goose egg capacity 832 eggs
Dove egg capacity 2688 eggs
Power 600W
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Weight 133kg
Temperature control accuracy ≤±0.1
Display resolution of moisture ±5%RH
Warranty 3years

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