2/2-way direct acting dump valve of nominal diameter DN 40 for controlling low aggressive liquid media, such as cleaning or disinfection agents, direct acting with normally open operation mode NO (normally open). Valves of this type are medium separated having a single chamber valve body with the inlet at ninety degrees to the outlet. They can be manufactured in various materials and equipped with threaded or hose connections. Electrical operating safety is achieved by insulation class F and supported by an integrated protective circuit. Protection type IP 68 is achieved in conjunction with cable connection, IP 65 by using a mounted connector. Valve housing made of PPE or stainless steel are suitable for hot water. Valve housing made of PVDF have a higher resistance to chemicals where stainless steel has both features. The smooth internal shape improves liquid flow and avoids dirt traps. The valve bodies can be equipped with an additional flush spout. 117 (4.606 in) 190 (7.480...

Product features

Valve body Valve body Part of a solenoid valve, made of plastic or metal, which comprises the in PPE, PVDF, stainless steel
Plunger guide Stainless steel
Plunger and spring Stainless steel
Flush spout Stainless steel
Membrane and sealings EPDM
Coil coating PBT
Type Drain valve
Construction Construction The term construction here is normally referred to the design of a val single-chamber valve inlet ninety degree to outlet
Ways 2/2-way
mode of operation direct acting
Function NO (normally open)
Fitting position solenoid pointing upwards
Media low aggressive media, such as cleaning or disinfection agents within potable water
T-Medium 98 (208) °C (°F) max. PPE
T-Ambient 60 (140) °C (°F) max.
DN DN Numerical size indication of the nominal free diameter (diameter nominal) of components fo 40 mm
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 0 - 120 mbar, (0-1.74 psi)
Coil type MS.010 integrated protection circuit (high voltage peak limitation) and rectifier
Nominal voltages 24 V DC
Voltage tolerance ±10%
Duty cycle Duty cycle Indicated as ED on equipment nameplates. It refers to the percentage opera 100%
Nominal power 24 W
Protection type Protection type Standard which defines the scope of protection of the electromag IP 68 with cable according to EN 60529
Insulation class F according to EN 60730
Protection class Protection class Includes statements on measures used to achieve safety of elec I according to EN 60730

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