Kelvin test tongs and test probes, for different test sample cross sections


Particular attention is to be paid to the contact when measuring low value resistors of any kind. Poor contacts are generally synonymous with a considerable measurement error. The here presented Kelvin test tongs and Kelvin test probes offer a multitude of measurement possibilities for a wide range of applications. They guarantee a fault-free and simple 4 pole connection to the device being tested. In connection with burster's digital ohmmeters RESISTOMAT® as well as other generally available milli- and microohmmeters, these test tongs prove to be a rational and measurement quality improving accessory. All of the Kelvin test tongs and Kelvin test probes described operate on a four-wire system. The contact on each of the two clip faces is insulated against the opposing contact. One contact is for current supply, the other one is the potential tap. Features: — Four-wire system — Contact profiles for a multitude of applications — For many different test sample cross sections

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