Specification: 2-3cm in diameter Description: it is made in the middle mountainous areas of China without the polluted environment. The surface colors are mainly light brown and dark brown. The bottom color of the folds is light yellow with the root length of 0.5cm. No adulteration of unsaleable stock as well as no worm-holes and mildew exist. Impurities are selected by manual and the fragrance is dense. We have entrusted SGS to specially conduct 194 kinds of testing on pesticide residue for the products that all of them conform to the requirements of European Union. Related testing report may be provided. Drying method: drying (AD). The moisture is less than 12%. Packaging: large and small packing can be provided. Large packing: the internal packing is made of PE plastic bag and the external packing is made of hardened corrugated carton box. Small packing: the internal pack is made of PE plastic tray and the external packing is made of plastic bag.

Import-export - food and agriculture
  • shiitake
  • mushroom
  • shitake mushroom
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