24-hour Moisturizing Cream - Weleda - Organic cosmetics

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This light-textured face cream is perfect for soothing dehydrated skin. Weleda has developed a unique formula with natural and organic ingredients that take care of your face. This organic cream, deeply moisturizes, soothes and offers a soft feeling to your face. After application, your skin is fresh and radiant with beauty. This organic moisturizing cream takes care of your face on a daily basis and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.It contains natural ingredients: - Prickly pear extract, rich in minerals and vitamins, this natural active ingredient strengthens the skin barrier and soothes the skin durably: - Organic aloe vera gel. which intensely moisturizes the face, plumps the skin and protects it from external aggressions - Of the oil of Carthame, rich in vitamin E, it nourishes the skin and it brings him of the brightness.

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30 ml