2.6L Stainless Steel Cattle/horse Water Drinking Bowl

Horse and Cattle Feeding Trough Drinking Bowl

18.00$ TTC
Euro quality standard,best quality


(1)Parameters: -Dimension:25×27.5×11cm -Weight:1.395kgs -Material:304 stainless steel -Color:white -Capacity:2.6L -Pattern:flat tongue -Bowl Caliber:22×9.5cm -Bowl Deep:5.5cm (2)Packaging & Delivery: -Packaging Details:16 pcs in one carton -CTN size:Outer carton 58.5×36.5×63.5cm -Delivery Time:within 3-15 days after got the despoit or 100%T/T(for small order)

Drinking troughs
  • cattle water drinking bowl/ cow drinking bowl
  • drinking bowl for hose and cow /feeding Trough
  • Animal drinking bowl for hose and cow

Product features

Dimension 25×27.5×11cm
Material 304 stainless steel
Weight 1.395kgs
Color white
Capacity 2.6L
Pattern Flat tongue
Bowl caliber 22×9.5cm
Bowl deep 5.5cm
advantage The drinking bowl is made with folating ball.

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