Spacious light makes it easier to work OSRAM DULUX F are new, particularly flat compact fluorescent bulbs with a high light yield. They are optimally suitable for area illumination with module lamps 2 M and 3 M (200 and 300 mm edge length), for example, for quadratic installation and set-up lamps, flat wall and ceiling lamps, downlights and uplights. OSRAM DULUX F are distinguished through a particularly high Lumen packet. Compared to two OSRAM DULUX L 18 watt, OSRAM DULUX F 36 Watt has a 13% higher light current during EVG operation. This does not only simplify handling, but rather also reduces the system costs considerably. The OSRAM DULUX F is only about half a long as an OSRAM DULUX L bulb with comparable output. And it can be easily combined with the LUMILUX light colours. The model can be operated with conventional and also with electronic ballast devices. A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class A

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