With a lifetime of about 20,000 hours this lamp is not only very long-lasting, it also saves considerably on energy (EEC A). Another advantage of this lamp is its very good colour rendering index of RA80, which makes colours look very real and vivid. The lamps can also be dimmed to create great lighting scenarios. Characteristics: - energy-efficient - extremely flat structural shape - provides light for around 20,000 hours - available in 2 wattages: 9 watts, 600 lumens or 11 watts, 900 lumens Areas of use: - can be used in offices and public places - great for lighting up shops and sales rooms - also used in hotels, restaurants or super markets Technical details: - one-sided 4-pin plug-in socket 2G7 - operation using battery, solar and grid electricity together with appropriate electronic operating device A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class A

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