The completely sealed 2-jaw parallel gripper IPG-S is ideal for difficult work areas such as dusty or wet environments. Dust and water protection in conformance with IP67 Additional sealing air connection included Centering of gripper fingers without additional pins Compressed air connection at back side of gripper

Product features

Part-No. 150000807
Model IPG-S-120-20-FA
Gripping Force (p = 6 bar / p = 4,2 bar) 1830 N / 1340 N
Recommended Part Weight 8 kg
Stroke (total) 20 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Cylinder Bore 80 mm
Actuating time opening at p = 6.0 bar 0.3 s
Actuating time closing at P = 6.0 bar 0.28 s
Repaetability 0.03 s
Maximum Finger Length 100 mm
Accessories Sensor Maunting Kit including Sensors

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